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How are games scored?

I rate software using five guidelines; “gameplay”, “sexual content”, “story”, “sound” and “visuals”. Each of these guidelines are divided into smaller sub-guidelines, which differ between genre and availability.

For example, I am more stringent on “story” when analyzing a visual novel than I would be if I were writing about sidescroller.

The final score (or “verdict”) is an average all of categories, when applicable.

Why is this game rated "X" but not this one?

Scores mean different things for different genres.

I don’t consider a “5/5” puzzle game to be a better game than say, a first-person shooter. In my opinion, it’s unfair to rate all software equally. What makes a puzzle game fun won’t apply to any other genre. In an effort to maintain an objective stance when I publish ratings, I only compare like-games when I deliberate scores.

I wouldn’t rate an RPG poorly because a visual novel doesn’t have any “grinding”.

Will you review "X"?

If you’re a developer on Steam, send your game to the Wombat Trap Curator.

Otherwise, use the following contact form to get in touch or send suggestions. I’ll get to them when I get to them.

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