Top Deck Builders with Consenting Sex

Table of Contents

Monster Monpiece

I totally recommend this game! Monster Monpiece is lot’s of fun! I wish it was lewder (a lot lewder), but I can live with scantily clad monster girls.

DatWombat, review for Monster Monpiece

Midnight Castle Succubus DX

Midnight Castle Succubus DX is a lewd sidescroller about a succubus hunter and her quest to slay a demon tyrant.

Paladin Lias

Paladin Lias is a lewd RPG about a not-so-innocent paladin that must cough up her goodies to save her church.

Maiden Maze

Maiden Maze is a lewd third person RPG about navigating mazes and slaying maidens.

Leisure yacht – The epilogue

Leisure yacht – The epilogue is a lewd visual novel about Michael’s final “goodbyes” following the events of Leisure yacht.