Divine Adventure: Act One

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Divine Adventure: Act One is a lewd visual novel about a young god of destruction and his (mis)adventures helping his subjects.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Ten or fifteen hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Take command of your universe and flirt with your subjects! Divine Adventure: Act One is an interactive visual novel with mini-games and dating simulator elements. It is necessary to “train” by completing two-by-three slider puzzles. I suggest solving a right or left-most column first; then, rotate the remaining four pieces to complete the puzzle. Training increases your power level, allowing you to progress the story by tackling stronger foes. Each day, you’ll have a chance fulfil your duties and spend time with your (female) subjects. As the game progresses, you’ll unlock new planets, universes and women to visit. A word of warning — the bulk of the gameplay is behind a form of “prologue”, which spans many hours.


Universes six and seven have a new sheriff in town; he is a god of destruction, and his purpose is to destroy. By his side is Victoriana, an angel; in this universe (or rather, multiverse), angels are attendants to the gods. They are tasked with guiding the gods as they maintain a neutral stance. The new god is a man of desire — his purpose may be to destroy, but his prerogative is pussy. He finds himself tangled within mortal affairs, often at the expense of the other gods. Among his (and the mortals’) trouble revolve around the Dragon Balls “Divine Crystals”, which have the power to grant wishes. If you haven’t already noticed, Divine Adventure: Act One is a parody of Dragon Ball Z — but way lewder! To read a partial playthrough, click here.

It’s no secret — at one point the “Divine Balls” are literally referred to as Dragon Balls!


The titlescreen is a confusing mess; but I enjoyed the fat tiddies! As cute as the selections “New God”, “Amend God”, “Select God” and “The Void” are, they make no sense. “New God” starts a new game, and “Select God” allows you to load a save; “The Void” is a fancy way of saying “exit application”. From “Amend God”, you may adjust audio and display preferences. The user-interface is messy, and it feels unrefined. Many characters in the game lack portraits (namely male characters); considering how often they show up in the story, I think this is unacceptable. I would have liked to have seen a greater variety of artwork, better reflecting the explorable world. There were numerous spelling errors throughout the game.

The Goods

I am unsure exactly how much adult content; there is no gallery. There are numerous sex-scenes which span across every female character in the game. If I had to wager a guess, I’d say there are around twenty or thirty sex-scenes to see. Each scene includes some dialogue, and two static CGs with climax. The artwork is high-quality, but I would have appreciated full-art CGs. The scenes are often rendered in a sort of first-person view, but it doesn’t always work out. Most of what this game is consensual intercourse or sex-as-payment; I only saw a few of rape scenes, but they were incredibly tame. I only call them “rape” because they were delivered without consent, but it’s clear everybody enjoys themselves — it’s not rape if you like it!


Sure, I recommend this game! Divine Adventure: Act One was a wild ride. After about ten or twelve hours writing about the story, I was shocked to see how little I had actually progressed. Divine Adventure: Act One is a surprisingly long read. However, this game has its flaws; the English and storytelling reads like a mediocre translation. There are numerous spelling errors, and I caught multiple, unavoidable bugs. Though Divine Adventure: Act One is clearly an adult-game, the adult-content falls short. Sex-scenes are short lived, and they are few and far between until you reach end-game content. If an adult parody of Dragon Ball Z sounds like your cup of tea, Divine Adventure: Act One will keep you busy.

Wombat Woe — “Bulma’s Lab” [Dec 15 2020]

When speaking with Bidi on Earth at her laboratory, an error message reads,

Image 'BulmasLab' not found.

Wombat Woe — “The Extremists” [Dec 15 2020]

After accepting the challenge from Theuras (where you must answer his prayers without reducing his “mortal level”), it’s possible to break the game. Selecting “The extremists” option will cause an exception,

 File "game/Quests.rpy", line 15638. in <module>
NameError: name 'LabM' is not defined

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