Monster Monpiece (3/5★)

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Monster Monpiece is a deckbuilding game about saving the world from descending into chaos (again).


(Adult) Content?

Creative censorship.

Hours of Gameplay?
Twenty-five hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Gameplay (4/5★)

Build a deck and defeat foes in turn based, strategic combat! You must build a deck of at least thirty cards; each card represents a playing piece, which interacts on a three-by-seven playing board. Each turn, cards will move one space forward. If an opponent’s card blocks movement, they will fight. There are four “classes” of cards; melee cards are able to hold the line with high damage and hit-points; ranged cards can control the board with wide-reaching attacks; healers keep your cards alive; and buffers amplify damage. Each card can be changed via “rubbing”, which causes their stats to change (and does away with their pesky clothes!) The key to winning is to build a deck with strong synergy, and one or more consistent, reliable strategies.

Story (3/5★)

Once upon a time, mankind was punished for becoming “arrogantly, unruly, and violent.” Clairdia, Goddess of Creation unleashed monsters upon the world. Mankind was nearly wiped out; her monsters became no different than those they were meant to punish. So Clairdia then forced them into human bodies, forcing them to align with mankind to survive. Ultimately, man and monsters made peace throughout the world. However, there is somebody that wants to undo world peace. They want the world to reenter that state of chaos, to revel in the bloodshed as creation is undone. It’s up to May, a young student and her friends to save the world. As her quest unfolds, she will find that the world, and it’s inhabitants are not as they seem. The characters are shallow and the plot-twists are poorly telegraphed; but as long as you don’t think too hard, you’ll be alright!

Visuals (3/5★)

The main-menu and titlescreen look alright. They’re thematically appropriate, just boring. From “Config”, you may adjust audio, control, and display preferences. Monster Monpiece was designed to be played using a controller, but it’s keyboard and mouse compatible. However, the game will often refer to controller buttons (leaving you to guess how they translate to PC). This game isn’t visually interesting — as a matter of fact, I consider “visuals” to be one of the weakest points of this game. Barring the wonderful artwork, Monster Monpiece looks like an old mobile game!

Monster Monpiece – Deluxe Pack [DLC]

This DLC offers a variety of “digital goodies” (so let’s dive in!) There are six (JPG) wallpapers, which are offered in the following resolutions: 1280×720, 1600×900, and 1920×1080. Each one offers one or more protagonists with lots of blank space (for your desktop icons). Overall, they’re okay. The “Original Soundtrack” includes twenty-six (MP3) tracks and a digital booklet. The “Rough Sketches Art Book” (PDF) showcases conceptual art behind each protagonist. Interestingly, there is no content in this DLC that covers the main antagonists of the game (so I guess that means it’s spoiler free?) Finally, the “Digital Card Gallery” (PDF) offers one-hundred-fifteen pages showcasing each card in the game. Wow! It’s a shame these images weren’t used to produce the wallpapers. I think anyone into Monster Monpiece is more interested in half-naked lolis than ditzy students!

The Goods 2/5❤

Don’t get your hopes up; there is no nudity or sexual content in this game. It’s a real shame, because Monster Monpiece definitely looks like the kind of game that’d have fapstuffs (but it doesn’t. Boo.) There are one-hundred-fifteen cards in the game, each featuring a monster girl; as they are powered-up (or “rubbed”), their clothes disappear. There are two variants for each card, depicting stages of undress — again, there is no full nudity. As all of the card-art is rendered portrait-style, none of it can be borderless fullscreened. There are a handful of story-based, full-art CGs, but only one of them offers anything remotely lewd. In this scene, the main protagonist lies face-down (and naked!) as her friends massage her back.

Wait wait wait — I just remembered the main protagonist is fourteen. . . and she gets butt naked?!

Verdict 3/5★

I totally recommend this game! Monster Monpiece is lot’s of fun! I wish it was lewder (a lot lewder), but I can live with scantily clad monster girls. My biggest complaint for Monster Monpiece would be the opponents; they are so, so stupid. I won countless games because of poor judgement on my opponents’ end. They don’t play cards to their strengths, and they often make nonsensical moves. The opponents are highly predictable, making them all-to-easy to exploit. Without giving into the “Online Store” (or microtransactions), Monster Monpiece can be super-grindy; however, you don’t need to spend a dime to steamroll the game. With good plays, you too can beat the game with an “G” grade deck — that’s one letter better than “F”!

Monster Monpiece – Deluxe Pack [DLC]

This DLC is worth the money if you thoroughly enjoy the artwork or soundtrack Monster Monpiece has to offer. It literally costs as much as the base game! The wallpapers were a bit of a let down, but the “Digital Card Gallery” was very thorough!

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