Author: DatWombat

Ask a Wombat! 078

Haise asks . . . when you’ll do the action taimanin mod creation tutorial because im trying to figure out why my mod is invisible ingame

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Ask a Wombat! 077

Bemused asks about Fi da Booty Samurai. . . Sadly, I have been avoiding steam forums, after having been banned there once. (I was later unbanned and even got congratulations from steam moderators for some of the posts which I had been

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Ask a Wombat! 076

FOCUSEADP asks about Idol Showdown. . . hey wombat how are you, I was wondering if you could create all the skins without clothes, completely naked

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Ask a Wombat! 075

LoliEnjoyer asks. . . I’m typically a loli enjoyer. Does Tear and the Labrynth have as much loli ? Thankyou. After this I review, I most likely will still pick up this title.

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Ask a Wombat! 074

Bemused asks about “Fi da Booty Samurai“. . . I know a pure texture mod cannot be everything, but if you ever get a chance to implement the main character’s outfit adjustments to be delayed somehow (perhaps in the form of clothing

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Ask a Wombat! 073

Karoll asks. . . Hi, any chance you have contacts of Sexy-H Jigsaw Puzzle developers? I’ve been trying to reach them for a while now but didn’t really get any luck. I am actually collecting unreleased games and Sexy-H Jigsaw Puzzle was

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