Hismith Anal Initiation Kit Review (4.5/5★)

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Chapter One: Introduction

In this article, I try my best to discuss this toys in ways both sexes can appreciate. But I don’t have a pussy. If you’re shopping for a pussy, hopefully my words will be descriptive enough to decide whether or not this product is a good fit between your legs.

Chapter Two: Unboxing (3/5★)

The packaging was unassuming, with no identification marks beyond branding. If you don’t know what products Hismith makes, you wouldn’t know what’s inside.

Shown below is the manufacturer’s packaging.

The dildos were individually sealed inside air tight, plastic bags with no other packaging material.

I was disappointed to see no paperwork whatsoever — no care and usage instructions, no warranty, not even a “thank you” note.

Shown below are the sealed dildos.

Chapter Three: Usage (5/5★)

Section One: Operation

The Hismith Tower Shape Anal Plug are equipped with detachable male “KlicLok” adapters. To install the attachments onto a compatible machine, the ends are simply lined up with the female KlicLok adapter and pressed together.

Alternatively, the in-built KlicLok adapters can be unscrewed to enable the dildos’ suction cup functionality.

Section Two: Safety

When employing the KlicLok adapters of these dildos, it’s important to insure it is tightened to prevent this toy from spinning during usage.

Chapter Four: Quality (5/5★)

Section One: Build

The surfaces are soft, smooth, and free of defects — no scratches or bubbling. The overall feel of the dildos is firm.

Section Two: Insertion

The day I inserted one of these dildos “for Beginners”, I never felt more disappointed. In fact, I stopped my Sex Machine and reached for the widest dildo I owned, the Hismith Spiral Dildo.

Eventually, I worked up the bravery to be disappointed again.

The taper Dildo offers the easiest entry and exit, featuring long, sloped ridges as opposed to dense beads or rings to rapidly open and close the anus. The Ring and Bead Dildos feel somewhat like anal beads, but not so much so they couldn’t be thrusted by a beginner. In my experience, attempting to thrust anal beads without training is recipe for a sore butthole.

Section One: Mouth Play

I loved the way these dildos touched the back of my throat when I mounted them on my Sex Machine, but something I didn’t expect was how pointy they are.

They would occasionally ram beneath my tongue, killing the mood as I reeled back in pain. I had the most success with the Ring Dildo, which had a long and smooth enough tip to prevent it from directly ramming underneath my tongue.

Chapter Three: Maintenance (4/5★)

Section One: Cleaning

Molded from silicone, it’s important to use silicone-friendly cleaning methods. Soapy, warm water will suffice, but I’d recommend a foaming sex toy cleaner.

Section Two: Storage

Historically, I’ve had issues with Hismith products leeching oils into porous surfaces. I’d recommend storing this product away from anything that can be stained. Personally, I used shoe organizer that I could hang on my bathroom door.

Removing the KlicLok adapter allows the dildo to be stored upright.

Chapter Seven: Verdict (4.5/5★)

If you’re a total beginner looking for an all in one package for a Kliclock compatible device, the Hismith Anal Initiation Kit is a great deal — you’re getting three dildos for the price one! But even if you consider yourself an “intermediate” anal explorer, this set of dildos is a safe way to bust your ass open for something a little bigger. Personally, I prefer kicking off with a cone shaped dildo, such as the Hismith Spiral Dildo or the Tower Shape Anal Plug, but everyone starts somewhere!

Just not me.

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