Top Rogue-likes without Sex

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Metal Unit

The writing is a little borked, but Metal Unit is a solid all around rogue-like with moddable graphics. It features tons of fun guns and flashy power-ups to build around — I had a blast unlocking new entries for my “Armory” to later equip as I increased my “weapon mastery”. However, Metal Unit calls for quick gaming reflexes and competent platforming. I don’t recommend this game for anyone that’s just starting off with rogue-likes.

Fi da Puti Samurai

Fi da Puti Samurai is a fun retro-inspired first-person shooter with fast paced gameplay. There’s only one objective — push forward and don’t let the “death wall” catch up! Chances are, you’ll die an awful lot as you learn the sandbox and how to conserve your life points. This game rewards exploration and provides permanent progression, granting new play styles and offering a safety net for less experienced players. Although I wouldn’t call this game an “adult” experience, it’s worth pointing out Fi da Puti Samurai does have nudity and erotic imagery.

2048 art (2/5★)

2048 art is a lewd puzzle game with no particular theme.

ERO Girl Painter

ERO Girl Painter is a “keep your cursor in the line” game, where you trace, color and undress anime ladies.

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