Top Shooters with Consensual Sex

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Horny Fantasy Girl Hentai

I’d pass on this game. I had maybe one or two minutes of fun while playing this title. I had to spin the a stupid wheel for about twenty-minutes to unlock the full-gallery. It’s mind-numbingly boring to click the same button every six or seven seconds — and it’s emotionally grating to hear the same sounds, and watch the same dumb animations again and again.

DatWombat, review for Horny Fantasy Girl Hentai


FALL IN LABYRINTH is a lewd RPG about a stowaway who crosses paths with a legendary sword forged to defeat a god among gods (and various women that “help” along the way!)

Hentai Hack-Her (3.5/5★)

Hentai Hack-Her is a lewd shoot-’em-up/point-n’-clicker about hacking a woman’s webcam (because uh, she’s hot? It’s okay, she won’t know!)

Yu Escape / Monday

Yu Escape / Monday is a lewd point-‘n-clicker/puzzle game with light visual novel elements. Yu wants a snacky-snack, and Shi wants to make life hard (in more ways than one.)