2048 art (2/5★)

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2048 art is a lewd puzzle game with no particular theme.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Nudity.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Thirty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Gameplay (3/5★)

Combine like-tiles to uncensor a lewd image. Each tile represents a size of breast — by combining two like-breast sizes, you will gain a new tile (which represents the next step up). Each combination nets points, and (I think) after acquiring enough you will unlock the next level. You are able to move the playing board in four directions, each movement causing all tiles to shift (and combine as possible). In addition, every time you move the board a new tile (of the lowest value) is generated. The only way to clear space is via combination, so take care not to fill the board in such a way that movement becomes impossible!

I have a few ideas on how this game could be like, way cooler.

Breasts are clearly the main focus of the game — not only are the playing pieces labeled with breast sizes, but the images in this game have a strong emphasis on breasts (and two of them are only breasts!) I think that it’d be awesome if the breasts in the CGs responded to the playing field. That is, the subject would start with “a-cup” breasts, and they’d grow as the player combines tiles. This would encourage players to combine pieces well beyond the required score to progress, and I’m sure it’d make way for silly (or steamy!) artwork. If the artwork was animated, that’d be pretty awesome too.

Or hey. . . maybe the tiles could have tits instead of text on them!

Story (1/5★)

There is no story (and I’m not making one up.)

Visuals (2/5★)

The titlescreen looks. . . okay. Something about the user-interface looks cheap, like clipart or stock decals. The interface is blurry, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to upscale the resolution. Audio can toggled after selecting a level, though it should be toggleable from the level-select screen too. After completing a level, you will unlock the (censored) image, which appears as a file in your install directory. These images can be quickly accessed from the folder-icon after selecting a level. There is no proper, in-game gallery.

The Goods (2/5★)

There are five static CGs to see, each featuring a busty waifu (or a busty rack). There seems to be a strong emphasis on lactation and goopy fluids, which I can get behind! The artwork is high quality, but considering the lack of animation and story it’s not much better than a Google search. Considering how much the game seems to focus on breasts, I’d like to see more boobies of all shapes and sizes! From what I gather, the developers intend on regularly updating this game with more artwork — time will tell.

Verdict (2/5★)

I guess I recommend this game. It’s actually a surprisingly fun time-killer, but that’s all it is — the adult-content is just sugar on top. It wouldn’t make a different if the pictures you unlock were kittens or dumb dogs doing dumb dances. . . that’s what you kids like to watch these days right? Though there isn’t a whole lot to the game, I think with a few extra “features” it could be significantly better. I would actually wait for an update or two, because the content is rather scant. . . there are only a handful of stages to see, and the artwork (though high-quality) isn’t far off from a quick Google search (and a quickie!) I think the developers intend on adding more artwork in the feature (and I wait for them to follow through!)

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