A traveler’s photo album

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A traveler’s photo album is a lewd point-‘n-click hidden-object game.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxF, FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One hour.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download as Steam DLC.


I received a free copy of this game from the developers. Thanks Cartoon game!


Drag and drop objects into the correct positions as you scour an image for clues and secrets. There are a total of twelve levels, with up to eight objectives each. Whenever a secret is uncovered, you’ll unlock another image in the gallery. When all secrets have been uncovered, you’ll unlock an animated, lewd image! Though you can click the screen aimlessly, you may instead use the magnifying glass; this tool will allow you to identify movable objects, and in some cases, their correct positions. If you get stuck, the “hint” button will practically tell you how win!


There is no overarching story. However, there are twelve textless comics that are unlocked through gameplay. Each comic features a female protagonist having sex (or being raped) with a man, woman, or tentacles!


The titlescreen looks good — I enjoyed the gratuitous panty shots! From “Album”, you may review CGs. Unfortunately, static CGs cannot be fullscreened (and they are rendered in a variety of aspect ratios.) On the brighter side, the user-interface is hidden when viewing animated CGs (provided the adult patch is installed). From “Options”, you may adjust audio, display and language preferences.

The Goods

The base game contain twelve unlockable comics, each comprised of up to eight textless images. They serve one purpose; each story pedals a sex-scene (with or without consent). One comic features lesbian romance, and two tentacles. If the adult patch is not installed, the adult images are blotted-out with ugly white blobs.

A traveler’s photo album – patch [DLC]

This DLC uncensors the gallery and adds twelve animated, lewd CGs. The animations are decent, but the artwork isn’t as refined as the comics’. Sometimes, I was able to spot awkward angles and movement. Each animation is based on the comics’ climaxes, and they include variants for progression (and climax!)


What a deal! If you’re a fan of hidden object games, A traveler’s photo album is a title suitable for a casual audience. I was able to complete the vast majority of the game without using any sort of “hints”. If you don’t want to spend too much time hunting for usable objects, you have the option to be walked through each level. The overall game is attractive, and there are quite a number of lewd CGs to see. Given the adult content, this game is a steal as a dollar buy. As long as nobody is watching your screen after completing a level, no one will suspect you’re playing a tiddie game!

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