AV Company | AV会社大冒险

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AV Company | AV会社大冒险 is a lewd hidden object game about Nanako’s journey inside a spooky laboratory as she tries to reclaim her nudes.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxM Sexual content.)

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One or two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Search for clues and decipher codes to unlock nude images. There are a total of thirty floors, with twenty unlockable nudes and eleven hidden outfits. Many floors feature a console (or “terminal”), which can only be accessed via a secret code. Terminals typically contain a nude image, and the code is generally found on the same floor — to obtain the code, you’ll have to solve a riddle of sorts. As the game progresses, you’ll have to get creative as the riddles become increasingly cryptic. Each floor is littered with movable blocks. These blocks must be carefully moved to grant access to clues and terminals, or in some cases, to block or imprison dangerous foes. Be sure to take your vitamins!


Someone has Nanako’s nudes, and unless she indulges his sexual fantasies, he intends on leaking her nakies! Nanako is on a mission to recover her files. Her quest leads her to an abandoned laboratory of sorts. She soon finds out that she isn’t the man’s first victim — and there’s more at stake than her naked pictures. The laboratory is home to many failed experiments, all of whom ready to kill Nanako dead!


The titlescreen is decked with animations! Some people may find the animations distracting, but it’s nice to see something different than the usual RPGMaker user-interface. Audio, display and gameplay preferences may be adjusted from “Options”. Your choice language can be toggled via “Language” or the star icon (on the top left titlescreen). To fullscreen the application, hit your “F5” key. To borderless fullscreen the application, you may need to use “F4” (after pressing “F5”).

The Goods

There are twenty static CGs to unlock. Only one features sexual content (between a man and woman), and pee-pees are no where in sight. The remainder are rather tame, showing only assorted, naked women. A few of them are spreading their meat flaps, but I wouldn’t get ol’ lubey ready. The artwork is quality, but each CG is overlaid with a faux camera interface. This is meant to correlate with the story, in which women’s nudes have been collected. Though each CG has no background, it’d be nice to see them minus the interface.


Consider waiting for a light sale, but I think this game is totally worth two USD. AV Company is a fun game if you’re into hidden object titles. You’ll have to decipher a number of clues to unlock the full gallery. However, there are a handful that’ll may stump you — I suggest consulting a guide if need be. Thankfully, you’re free to explore any floor at anytime, allowing you to revisit difficult levels at your leisure! Unlike similar titles I have played, you’re not completely helpless; you’re able to trap enemies using movable “blocks”. AV Company is rather unpolished, but it has its charm.

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