Your amazing T-Gotchi!

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Your amazing T-Gotchi! is a visual novel about a newfangled, virtual pet with a disturbing story.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Nudity

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Two or three hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Feed, bath, and talk to your new cute green anime girl from your dandy T-Gotchi! She’s a sweet little thing, and all she asks is that you feed her twice a day, keep her clean, and remind her she’s alive. Your amazing T-Gotchi! plays like a brief visual novel, each playthrough only minutes in length. However, the story behind your pet girl is much like an onion, a tale with many layers to peel away. . . but sometimes, it’s best to walk away.


In a nutshell. . .

Honestly, I don’t want to spoil the story. I would be doing this game (and your experience) a disservice by recounting my playthrough, and to get the most out Your amazing T-Gotchi! you should enter the game with no pre-existing knowledge. Get to know the protagonist, and make mistakes — there are eight endings to see, and it won’t take long for your meet your second playthrough. On a serious note, this game is surprisingly dark and though interesting, I wouldn’t exactly call it “fun”.

If you are interested in my recount of my first eight playthroughs read on. Otherwise, skip the remainder of this section.

. . . out of the shell (with spoilers!)

Before starting the game, you must input a name — I punched in my Steam username, DatWombat. I’ve acquired a T-Gotchi, a peculiar device which houses a virtual, anime girl. Her name changes between playthroughs, so I’ll referring to her as the first name I remember, Tamie.

Tamie is super cute, and honestly, I’m just here for the lewd content.

On day one, I peeped on her as she showered; she got super pissed off (but I got to see her tits!) On day two, I wooed her by with food and bath time. On day three, she remarks that I’m like her “daddy”, but not quite the same — but she’s okay with that. On day four, she laments that I left her for too long, and refuses to bath or eat. She bids me farewell, and so ends the life of Tamie.

Well. . . fuck. Round two, here I come!

I decided to treat her like her previous owners, and not feed or bath her, nor even speak to her. By day two, she sits on the floor, recounting something her “daddy” says, fearing the end and recounting some forest of sycamores, which she holds dear. On day three, she tells me that daddy has come for her, and her journey has come to an end. The next day (titled as the day), there is nothing. . . nothing but methodic crackling and nothingness. Absolute nothingness. Not even a menu which to reboot the T-Gotchi, just. . . nothing.

Daddy has come for Tamie, and so ended her journey.

Well. . . round three. I decided to feed and bath her while refusing to speak a word. She becomes unsure if her new owner is human, and considers the possibility that I’m a machine. Tamie collapses by day two, fearing that she must be inside some purgatory. She begs for something, anything to affirm she’s truly alive — I remain silent. She remembers the sycamore trees once again, just as she did in my second playthrough.

On day four, she hangs herself. She hanged herself.

Ho. . . round four. Same plan, but just before she hangs herself I’m gonna say something! As elated as she was to hear my voice, she ended hanging herself anyways. Oops. For round five I decided to treat her as best as I possibly could, insuring that her “mood” was high as can be. She. . . ended up hanging herself again.

Okay, you know what? Some people just want to die.

So for round six, I decided to not bathe her. She got super-duper sick, and after vomiting everywhere out she told me that this “game” isn’t a game for her. While for me it’s a game, for her it’s literally life or death. She proceeded to legitimately spook me by telling me my name isn’t really “DatWombat” (instead reciting my real name), and telling me my timezone and primary language — then she threatened to delete my PC’s files if I didn’t treat her with medicine in the next ten seconds.

My heart skipped a beat when the application force-shut down.

Round seven was little different than the last. . . Tamie’s world become populated with tombstones, which definitely weren’t there last time. I decided that for this round, I’d treat her super well on day one, and then completely neglect her for each day after that. I told her my real name (for she no longer entertained my original “DatWombat” alias), and allowed her “food” and “hygiene” to flatline, while maintaining a maxed-out mood (because I’m such a nice guy!)

Well. . . she hanged herself. I guess. . . what did I expect?

For round eight, I decided to only feed and bath her whenever she asked me to, treating not dissimilarly from my first playthrough (except I made sure not to peep on her while she bathed). She. . . hung herself. Again.

. . . what did I expect?


The titlescreen is super stylistic, using the T-Gotchi itself as the means to start a new game or view endings. While you can view what endings you have unlocked, you can’t actually view what content they contain (which is a shame, but thematically appropriate.) You may adjust audio and display preferences from the “gearbox” icon at the bottom left of the titlescreen. Otherwise, you may adjust audio preferences from the in-game “menu” icon at the bottom-right of the screen. The user-interface is a delight, and loved loved the visuals all around.

The Goods

Technically, there’s nudity, but all I saw was a bare booty and a nippy slip. The main character is super cute, but Your amazing T-Gotchi! is not a lewd game. Don’t be expectin’ nothin’ saucy if you buy this game!


Yes, I recommend this game! But. . . it’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. The thing is, Your amazing T-Gotchi! involves taking care of a hapless woman, and whatever happens to her lies squarely on you. If (and when) something happens to your beloved anime girl, you’ll have to look into her eyes once again the moment you hit “Get a New One!” Gee, just clicking get a new one makes me feel dirty inside. . . and to think I was playing a lewd game!

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