Impulse, From Here! (3/5★)

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Impulse, From Here! is a platformer about Akaho’s uh. . . space plight for space sushi?


(Adult) Content?

Not applicable.

Hours of Gameplay?
Two or three hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Not applicable.

Gameplay (4/5★)

Navigate deadly foes and obstacles through platforming and explosions! The goal of each stage is to acquire the giant, floating sushi — but it won’t be easy. The world is swarming with death lasers and deadly mercenaries. You’re able to summon explosions anywhere in your vicinity — but don’t worry, they’re harmless (but only for you!) As a matter of fact, they can be used to enhance your jumps (or even provide a sort of pseudo flight!) There are ninety-eight stages to see, but if you get stuck, you better get used to seeing the words “AKAHO IS DEAD!”

Story (1/5★)

There is no story (and I’m not making one up!)

Visuals (3/5★)

The titlescreen looks alright, I enjoy the composition. From “Option”, you may adjust audio and language preferences. You may also view your personal high scores from the “Option” menu — scores are based on time. I found the graphics to be mismatched. It’s as if the developers mashed an assortment of assets together. However, I enjoyed the 2D characters and their animations. I would have liked to have seen a more coherent, overarching theme.

The Goods (3/5★)

There is no nudity. In terms of “sexual themes” that are advertised in the game, there’s only panty shots and squished boobies. Considering the amount the fan service this game offers, you’d think there’d be a. . . little extra service.

Verdict (3/5★)

I’d say this game is worth buying — but it’s free (which means you have no excuse.) Impulse, From Here! is a challenging platformer with interesting mechanics. However, this game is only fun if you enjoy challenges. Once you’re stuck, it’s pretty much game over; there is no way to choose or skip levels. If you die, you’re graced with with a suggestive CG. . . but there is no gallery to review them, or sexual content to enjoy. If you’re on the look-out for a game that’ll keep your hands tied for a few hours, Impulse, From Here! is a great game — and it’s free!

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