iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition (3.5/5★)

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iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition is a tool to convert a controller or “gamepad” into a vibrator!

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Foreword: published September 19th, 2021

I received a free copy of this game for review purposes — thanks Kink Master Studios! I had to buy a controller specifically for this game. Then I had to “test” said controller for uh, “review purposes” — and that’s why it took me so long to publish this review!

Gameplay: published September 19th, 2021 (5/5★)

It’s important to have a gamepad (or a steering wheel) before purchasing this game (well, unless your PC has a vibration function); iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition is designed to be used in conjunction with hardware peripherals. There are twenty preset vibration patterns to choose from. If you’re interested in custom patterns, there are two slots to design your own creations! There’s also an option for “offset” patterns, which vary the intensity of your motor(s). If you’re interested in living life on the edge, there are options for randomized patterns! If single-setting vibrators got you down, iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition has you covered with customizability!

Sexual Content: published September 19th, 2021 (NA/5★)

There is no nudity or sexual content in this game. iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition not only functions while minimized, it can also be controlled via gamepad — allowing you enjoy sexual content elsewhere with vibration! It’d be nice if this game offered it’s own sexual content (perhaps some sort of animated mascot. . . ?), but sexual imagery is not within the scope of this software.

Story: published September 19th, 2021 (NA/5★)

There is no story (and I’m not making one up!)

Sound: published September 19th, 2021 (1/5★)

There is no audio whatsoever. You’d think there’d be some romantic tunes (or at least some toggleable sound effects for the UI). Kink Master Studios really dropped the ball on the audio! I think this game would benefit from rainforest sounds — when I’m getting off, I like to feel like I’m being judged by assorted animals.

Visuals: published September 19th, 2021 (4/5★)

The titlescreen is nicely arranged. The “Tips and Troubleshooting” page offers news, features and general troubleshooting. It goes without saying, if you’re experiencing issues with the software “Tips and Troubleshooting” is probably the first place you want to look. From “Settings” you may adjust display and graphical preferences. Outside the main-menu, the user-interface appears to be cluttered. I had no issues navigating the application, but I found the UI to be somewhat unappealing.

Verdict: published September 19th, 2021 (3.5/5★)

As I write this article, I have a controller stuffed down my pants. I feel kind of silly, but no doubt aroused. Vibrating devices feel great against your genitalia, but I couldn’t help but wish I had an actual vibrator instead. Maybe it’s just my gamepad, but I need a jackhammer in my pants! However, I can’t think of any significant complaints for iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition. It’s a utility that does exactly as advertised: “Turn your gamepad into your own personal vibrator!” If you can’t afford a vibrator (or if you can’t afford to be caught with a vibrator), I think iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition is right for you. Then again, most vibrators don’t come with customizable vibration — not for six dollars!

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