Monster Girl Dungeon Review (1.5/5★)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Monster Girl Dungeon is a pet game available on Steam. I last reviewed this game on November 25th, 2021. If you’re interested in my previous review, click here.

Once again, DaDawg911 of Sclavus reached out to me.

They wrote, “I’ve updated the game again if you want to give it another shot”

In my “Verdict”, I wrote, “Sclavus, please don’t ask me to re-review such unfinished content, I’m not a fucking bug tester.

I’d like to reiterate, “please don’t ask me to re-review such unfinished content”.

Chapter Two: Gameplay (1/5★)

Section One: Overview

After creating a character, it’s up to you to build a house (or don’t) and tend his or her needs (or don’t) — they’ll just stay in place and wet themselves until the universe’s heat death.

Monster girls may be instructed to “program” to earn money, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to spend money. Maybe new furniture is planned?

Section Two: Balance

The rate at which each monster girl’s “needs” are depleted is too fast, especially when they are completely incapable of taking care of themselves. I wouldn’t complain if monster girls walked themselves to the nearest toilet or food dish, but they don’t.

Section Three: Customization

Each monster girl has at least one slider for minor alterations. Some monster girls have support for male genitalia, making it possible to play futa-style animations. The customization system is severely lacking, but it’s a cool feature which I’m sure will be expanded upon.

Chapter Three: Sexual Content (1/5★)

Section One: Content

I couldn’t be bothered to create multiple saves to test all possible interactions, but as far as I could see there are a handful of vanilla animations between monster girls of opposite gender.

Section Two: Implementation

There appears to be a tracker for “libido”, but it doesn’t seem to have any usage.

Section Three: Interactivity

Monster girls may be commanded to “refresh” each other, resulting in a sexual animation.

Section Four: Quality

The animations are short and repetitive. If you’re able to get off before the animations finish, you need to work on your stamina bro!

Chapter Four: Story (1/5★)

The gameplay suggest an absence of story, but the store page has a big blurb of content;

For many centuries, Monster Girls were ostracized and rejected from much of society. They were thought of as strange demonic beings that didn’t have any sort of place in normal human life, but as time passed, so did this rigid stereotype slowly dissolve with it. Fast forward to the present time, Monster Girls have become an integral and irreplaceable part of human life, and can be found in many difference facets of society. One particular aspect that has drawn much attention (and criticism), is that of the domestication of Monster Girls as pets. In this game, the player will be able to experience what it would be like to have a monster girl as a pet for themselves.

If having “a monster girl as a pet” means watching them stand and do absolutely nothing, I think I’ll pass — I think I’ll stick to my hamster (who’s a total asshole by the way).

Chapter Five: Sound (1/5★)

Section One: Soundtrack

When the main-menu booted without music, I thought I previously muted the application. . . turns out the whole game is just completely silent.

Section Two: Sound Effects

The user-interface sounds too aggressive, especially when there is no music.

Chapter Six: Visuals (3/5★)

Section One: User-interface

There is no “options” menu, but it appears one is planned (given the presence of a cog icon throughout the game).

Navigation is still a bitch but it’s manageable. Camera control falls apart when you try to look too closely at monster girls (the main selling point) It’s too sensitive on ground-level.

Section Two: Graphics

The textures are barely coherent, but I enjoy the overall aesthetic of the game. It’s bright and cheery with pretty scenery. It’s a shame the customizable area doesn’t offer any options to add some “nature” or modify terrain.

The character models are hit or miss, but for the most part I’d fuck ’em. They are prone to clipping with themselves, outfits and the world but uh, sometimes they don’t clip.

You got to look on the brighter side!

Chapter Seven: Verdict (1.5/5★)

I’m still disappointed in this game. . . but I like where it’s heading? It faintly reminds me of Monster Girl Garden, but with more exotic monster girls. The gameplay, sound story and — well, everything really is either bad or not yet implemented.

Didn’t I say not to “ask me to re-review such unfinished content”?

I guess this integration of Monster Girl Dungeon is more promising than the last, but it somehow has even less content. If you’re interested in pet games with monster girls, go buy Monster Girl Garden — and Sclavus, take some notes.

Chapter Eight: Recommendations


Add autonomy. Monster girls should wander the world and interact with placed objects on their own. Player interaction should be focused on intervening problematic situations (such as poor bladder control) and to delegate tasks.

Add collision. It feels pointless having a construction system when monster girls will just walk through the walls. . .

Reduce “needs” decay. It’s dumb queuing actions for monster girls’ every need every second of gameplay.

Add a shop, or any reason to earn money.

Sexual Content

Add kinks. Maybe some monster-girls get off to wetting or watching other girls “go potty”.

Add costumes. Apparel is fun to play with.


Add some background for monster girl species.


Add music.

Add more sound effects, everywhere — like walking on tile floors or spanking sounds.

Add voice acting. It doesn’t have to be full voicing, just cute monster girl sounds so they act alive.


Add paint for both sides of walls to allow for interior designs.

Add a “rotate” tool for interactive objects.

Questions, requests or comments?