My Cute Fuhrer

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My Cute Fuhrer is a lewd match-three game.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Nudity.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Game-play?
Two or three hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from Steam.



. . . in a nutshell

A match-three game with an ever-changing playing field.

out the shell. . .

There are thirty-eight stages total (minus DLC). If the DLC is installed, an additional thirty-five stages will be added. Each stage has three target scores and limited number of “moves”. Each target represents a star, a measurement of stage completion. If you reach the second or third (and most difficult) target, you will strip a nearby, on-screen anime avatar. Many stages feature immovable “stone blocks”, which will divert and trap other falling pieces. Stone blocks can be broken by creating adjacent matches. Later stages feature irregular playing boards, which will cause pieces to fall unconventionally.

Be on the prowl for special bricks. When used to create a match, they “explode” removing a great deal of pieces (and granting a large number of points). When you run out of moves, special pieces will explode on their own, providing one last chance to meet the target score.

Yes! This is a game you can play one-handed!


You’re a time traveler, and you’ve been tasked with preventing World War II. If you have an inkling of American historical knowledge, you’d know that Hitler (or the fuhrer) was the big baddie of the second World War. But as it turns out, our impression that he’s a man is all whack —

Turns out, the fuhrer is actually a cute anime girl!

So the idea is to seduce (or “neutralize”) her while she attends the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. But there’s another problem — as it turns out, the fuhrer is not only cute, but she’s sweet too! And you’re fallin’ in love with her. But she’s bent on making Germany great again and. . . hey wait.

Is anime girl Hitler friends with Mister Trump?

The Fuhrer has a problem of her own. She’s fallin’ in love with you too. If only making real women fall in love with you was as easy as saying you like their art.


I thought the titlescreen and user-interface all looked great. This game appears to be polished, and I know this ain’t the developer’s first rodeo. The CGs are animated, and not animated poorly. I did think that the in-game shapes should have have relate to the story more, perhaps books or scholarly items, I dunno. What do bombs and fists have to do with school?

The Goods

The artwork is good, and lightly animated. However, this isn’t anything remotely sexual to behold.

. . . expect female nudity.


I do recommend this game. If you like match-three games with nudity, then this is a great deal. There’s also the silly story, if you’re into that.

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