NINJA GIRL (2.5/5★)

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NINJA GIRL is a lewd action sidescroller about a lone Kunoichi sent to deliver GOD to prevent “great disaster”!


(Adult) Content?
I think there’s boobies?

I think it’s toggleable in-game.

Hours of Gameplay?
I have no clue.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary (I think).

Gameplay (3/5★)

Go right and kill everything and everyone! If you want to see what’s in the “Gallery”, you’ll have to meet certain score thresholds. It’s important to preserve your vitals at all costs — if you die, you lose everything (including your score!) You have melee and ranged attacks, but the latter are a precious resource to fend off hard-to-reach foes and disrupt attacks. Between the katana and shrunken, you have a variety of attacks to navigate enemies. You also have a limited number of special attacks, each with their own unique movement patterns. If you don’t learn your tools, you probably won’t get very far. Levels can get pretty hectic as you’re surrounded by foes (including up-above!) This game is actually pretty hard — you’re timed too.

Story (2/5★)

A “Kunoichi” of Kazanari Castle has been granted with the power of “Omishiro GOD [sic]”. She is tasked with delivering this “GOD” to her cousin to thwart Yoshikage Gouda’s evil plans. Once an ally of Kazanari, he wants the power of Omishiro GOD for himself. Should he be successful “it will be the source of a great disaster”!

Visuals (3/5★)

The titlescreen is nicely arranaged. The controls on the otherhand, are bizzare; instead of switching between options with a single key press, you must instead navigate a cursor using the arrow keys. From “Config”, you may adjust gameplay and control preferences. You view highscores from the “Lanking” (yes Lanking) option. Unlocked CGs can be viewed from the “Gallery”, but I didn’t unlock any CGs. I’m unsure if the user-interface can be hidden (if applicable). The game is visually attractive, and I love the various panty-showing poses of the heroine — just make sure to learn all of her attacks!

The ‘Goods’ (2/5★)

I’m unsure if there’s any nudity or sexual content in this game (but according to Cream Meron there’s “40 scenes”.)

Verdict (2.5/5★)

Wait for keyboard support, quality of life, and probably a sale too. If you don’t have a gamepad, you probably shouldn’t buy this game. Playing NINJA GIRL using a keyboard was dreadful — and that’s just where its problems start. Not unlike an arcade game, whenever you die or restart the game, you must begin from the beginning of whatever stage you’re playing. I’m sure there’s a small portion of gamers that actually care about private “high scores” and inching further and further into later levels through repetition (but I’m not one of them). Thankfully, there’s a handy-dandy “Continue” screen whenever you die. . . but it resets your score and sends you back to the beginning of the stage. Thanks Cream Meron. To its credit, NINJA GIRL is a somewhat challenging game. Chances are, you’ll be surrounded by enemies, and you’ll have to dodge and block a great deal of attacks. Personally, I regretted buying this game and I decided to move on after failing miserably. For the right audience with the right hardware, I think NINJA GIRL could be a fun experience — it’s just not for me or my PC.

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