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ONNANOKO KEEPER is an action-game where you must “cut” away the playing area while dodging enemies.


(Adult) Content?

Not applicable.

Hours of Gameplay?
Forty-five minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Not applicable.


Dodge enemies and projectiles as you cut-away sections of an image. Whenever you enter the playing field, you become vulnerable to all methods of attack; it’s up to you to accept risks and weave around baddies. A handful of different power-ups will spawn one-by-one. These power-ups are oftentimes the key the victory — the lightning bolt in particular, allows you to move obscenely fast. Whenever you cut-away a section containing enemies, they will be destroyed. It’s a good idea to set up “traps” to capture them, easing the difficulty as the playing area becomes smaller.


There are five named characters, but that’s as far as the story goes. I imagine the characters in this game play a part in one or more visual novels (which I am unaware of).


The titlescreen makes no sense: why a space theme? You may adjust audio and display preferences from the “Options” menu. Scores can be viewed through the “Ranking” screen. Unlocked CGs can be viewed from the “Gallery”. Unfortunately, CGs can’t be fullscreened and the user-interface can’t be hidden.

The Goods

There are a total of ten static CGs, two for each character. The artwork is very high-quality, and some of the girls are super cute! I particularly liked Risa; I’m glad the devs clarified all characters in this game are 18 years old or older! Seriously though. . . can we have a nude patch?


If you’re into this sort of game, you’re in for a steal! At one USD, ONNANOKO KEEPER offers a lot of bang for your buck. However, when I read the words, This game contains sexual images that may be regulated by your state, I was under the impression that I’d see a few tiddies! I didn’t see a single nippy-slip — if you’re interested in adult content, ONNANOKO KEEPER will leave you bone dry. On the other hand, as a nice lil’ game with cute anime girls, ONNANOKO KEEPER is a great buy!

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