Pantyhose Test Girl

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Pantyhose Test Girl is a dress-up game focusing on pantyhose with a handful of minigames.


(Adult) Content?

Not applicable.

Hours of Gameplay?
One hour.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I received a free copy of this game from the developers. Going by the assets, I thought this game was one of MCGame‘s, which surprised me (given my negative opinion towards their last release, Beautiful Model2.) As it turns out, Pantyhose Test Girl is actually a PlayPlayGame production. To my (not) surprise, Pantyhose Test Girl would fail to impress.


Pick a level and complete a series of minigames (with a supposed “pantyhose” theme). There are fifteen levels total, each featuring a different girl and set of hose. Each level begins with a brief animation with the subject trying on pantyhose. Afterwards, you get to enjoy a series of connect-the-dots minigames (fit for a toddler) and a monotonous walking minigame. Then, you must complete an arduous rhythm game (which doesn’t seem to end until it feels like it.) Finally, you get to watch your subject remove her pantyhose, signaling your completion of the level. If you want to skip the minigames, “Free Clothes” mode lets you dress and freely pose your subject.


There is no story, but the game appears to revolve around a specific lady and some sort of series where she reviews her pantyhose. That’s about what I could get from the dialogue. . . gee, I wish I could review pantyhose in a cushy home.


he titlescreen looks poor, but the menu is navigable. I found this screen to be grossly amateurish, and I wasn’t impressed. The user-interface, however, though strangely arranged and translated is enjoyable. You can adjust display and language preferences from the titlescreen, but there appears to be no way to mute the application (without external aid). The in-game assets are the same as several other games I have played, but they are okay. The English really leaves something to be desired.

The Goods

There is no nudity, which is a total bummer. The character model is decent, but her goodies are covered-up (like a normal person’s. . . gah!)


I don’t recommend this game. For a title all about panty hose, Pantyhose Test Girl fails to deliver a worthwhile experience. The main premise of the game is to dick around with hose and poses, and it fails at both. The gameplay is boring, and there’s only one “minigame” that actually focuses on pantyhose. . . and it’s literally just watching someone take it on or off. Honestly, at this point I’d actually recommend looking at Beautiful Model2 if this game looks remotely interesting to you. If you want to enjoy dressing ladies up, I’d suggest investing into 3D rendering software, such as Daz Studio or Poser (which are free by the way). Or consider installing Skyrim, and downloading a mod called the Luxury Collection. In this mod, it adds an enormous variety of lingerie to the game, and Skyrim is actually fun as a game. I even wrote a mod that makes it so you can find the lingerie in-game without console commands!

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