Prison Girl

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Prison Girl is an RPG/stealth game about walking around prison and completing objectives.


(Adult) Content?

Not applicable.

Hours of Gameplay?
Thirty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Not applicable.


Evade capture and complete objectives as you wander prison. By completing quests, you’ll earn money, which can be exchanged for crafting materials and cigarettes. Cigarettes and coffee are the way to inmates’ hearts. By forging friendships, you may unlock special items (such as the keys to your cell!) If you’re caught somewhere you don’t belong, you’ll be delivered to the punishment room. Well, “punishment” is a bit subjective — depends on how you feel about whips and tickle torture!

This game would be a lot better if it didn’t force your hand.

It’d be more fun if you were allowed to free roam the prison, rather than being corralled into specific rooms each day. The prison is so grossly un-interactive, it’s mind numbing to do the same objectives all the time!


The main protagonist is unnamed, but she’s in prison. . . and I think she wants out. Apparently, she’s done something really bad; unlike her fellow cons, never are her cuffs undone! She’s the only inmate to sport a tattered dress (as opposed to standard issue garb). . . considering her predicament, I don’t blame her for not changing her garb. It’s no wonder she wants out!


The titlescreen is thematically appropriate, but it’s rather boring. If the developers are going to use a prison yard as the backdrop, the least they could do is populate it. Language and resolution preferences can be adjusted from the main menu. There does not appear to be a means to adjust audio or display preferences. I would appreciate a form of graphical settings; there were numerous times I spotted visual errors that seemed to be the result of hardcoded, low-end graphical settings. The game isn’t visually interesting, but the characters are reasonably attractive. . . but I’ve seen them many times before.

The Goods

There is no nudity (boo!) However, there is BDSM! The main protagonist is always cuffed (but that’s hardly saucy). When she is captured, she is taken to a room with a dominatrix — here, you may have her tickle or whip the protagonist. The animations are repetitive and short-lived, and frankly not worth watching.


I don’t recommend this game. The gameplay is incredibly boring. You’re forced to painstakingly walk the same route again and again, grinding for cigarettes every day. When you’re finally allowed outside your cell, you’re finally able to play a proper game; you must evade detection from the prison guard! But should you fail, it’s back to square one — walking. Again. This game simply isn’t fun. There isn’t any meaningful adult content, and I dreaded every minute. When I purchased this game, I was hoping for a sort of sexy prison simulator. Instead, I got stuck with a fetch quest simulator.

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