Seek Girl Ⅲ Review (3/5★)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Seek Girl is a lewd hidden object game available on Steam. To experience the complete game with adult content, Seek Girl Ⅲ – Patch must be installed. This article will strictly discuss the patched version of the game.

I took me around thirty minutes to complete the game without using hints.

Chapter Two: Gameplay (4/5★)

Section One: Overview

You know those toys where you’re supposed to insert colored shapes into corresponding holes? Seek Girl Ⅲ transforms a toddler’s game into an adult’s game! To progress, you must match items from the images played on-screen to with the provided silhouettes. To keep you interested, with every completed silhouette comes extra “spice” for the next one.

Section Two: Balance

In practice, the gameplay is no more complicated than matching shapes — but when the silhouettes of multiple objects are combined into one, you have to think outside of the box. Additionally, not all silhouettes are even objects — they may refer to regions between objects. I didn’t know this — I wish there was a tutorial that explained what to look for.

Fortunately, there’s a “hint” button if you get stuck!

Chapter Three: Sexual Content (4/5★)

Section One: Content

There are twelve animations featuring similar content to previous releases; BDSM, tentacles, and vanilla sex. Interestingly, this game features a scene with bestiality. While okay with me, I don’t expect the target audience of this game to be turned on by eel insertion.

Section Two: Implementation

The playing areas are the sex-scenes — as you find hidden shapes, the characters are undressed (and in some cases, fucked) until the animation is unlocked for “free use”.

Section Three: Interactivity

Animations may be toggled and characters can be undressed. Like the previous game, bukkake-levels of cum may be toggled off and on.

Section Four: Quality

The animations in the Seek Girl series continue to improve! The artwork and animation is a smidge better than the previous game, but I was able to observe less visual errors in this game. The movement is still unnatural but I feel DSGame reeled in animation better in this game. Once again, I enjoy the increased usage of sexual content (as opposed to boring, “casual” nudity).

Chapter Four: Story (1/5★)

I love to know the story behind the girl that gets a live eel inserted into her pussy!

But alas, there is no “story” and no recurring characters.

Chapter Five: Sound (4/5★)

Section One: Soundtrack

There a different track for each lady, showcasing a variety of musical genres to match the equally varied hentai. The music is

Section Two: Sound Effects

The gameplay is weirdly quiet. Clicking on stuff doesn’t play sounds.

Section Three: Voice Acting

The voice acting is less annoying than the previous games, Seek Girl Ⅱ and Seek Girl. I don’t mind the lack of Japanese narration or toned-down (but still plentiful) sexual acting.

Chapter Six: Visuals (4/5★)

Section One: User-interface

I thought the main-menu was the game! I tried platforming with my keyboard, and when nothing happened and I clicked on the little rabbit I was taken to the actual game. I can’t be the only one fooled by the menu! However, I enjoyed the animation that plays when stage is completed. Much like a platformer, the rabbit hops over to next available stage!

The user-interface is minimal, but overall pleasant.

Section Two: Graphics

The gallery is in view for the duration of the game. I enjoyed searching for shapes among sexual situations with lots of movement.

Chapter Seven: Verdict (3/5★)

Seek Girl Ⅲ is the most fun entry from the Seek Girl series I have played thus far. I can see players genuinely enjoy testing their eyesight on this game! This game has casual gameplay and great sexual animations — whether you’re an art collector, a casual gamer, or an achievement hunter, Seek Girl Ⅲ is a worthwhile buy.

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