Sensual Adventures – Episode 5 (3.5/5★)

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Sensual Adventures – Episode 5 is a lewd interactive film about a pair of futas (and a womanly bystander) that bang it out!


(Adult) Content?
(FxF) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One hour.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I received a free, early access copy of this game from the developer — thanks Puppetmaster3dx!

Gameplay (3/5★)

Enjoy the show (or make your own!) What can I say? Sensual Adventures – Episode 5 is essentially an interactive porn flick. “Story Mode” offers a twenty-four minute film. Alternatively, you may employ “Movie Maker” to arrange a series of premade animations. These animations are somewhat interactive, with controllable cameras and uh, “climax control”. You’re able to customize each actor via the “Customize” menu, where you may change their color or toggle their bikinis (who needs them?)

Sound (4/5★)

Do you know what porn sounds like? Of course you do — this game sounds like porn. The actors can’t go for more than a few seconds without moaning! The voice acting is acceptable. The music is thematically appropriate, but it’s super repetitive.

Story (2/5★)

Brittany and Trinity are on vacation. They’re enjoying the good life — that is, until Trinity feels a lil’ something-something in her pants panties! Brittany is all too eager to make that something-something go away, but they’re not as alone as they thought! And. . . and that’s the story. You’re not here for the story right?

Visuals (5/5★)

The titlescreen would be more appropriate for a splash screen — but the main-menu looks great! From “Settings”, you may adjust audio, display and a variety of graphical preferences. I saw a few visual errors throughout the game, such as clipping or lighting-related artifacts — but it’s important to note that Sensual Adventures – Episode 5 is not prerendered. With that in mind, it’s kind of amazing how little visual errors there are!

The Goods (4/5♥)

Where do I start — the whole game is a sex-scene! “Story” mode is comprised of a twenty-four minute, fully voiced film with nine sexual animations. “Movie Maker” offers seven new sex-scenes, with interchangeable actors. The latter also provides limited interactivity. The main protagonists, Brittany and Trinity are futas: they have male and female genitalia. Jasmine is a “vanilla” women, and sometimes she joins the futa (ex) lovers. The animation is pretty hot, and the models are superb! Everything is wholly consensual (unlike most sex-games on the market!) I thought the painted-on cum shots were pretty lame (as opposed to ones that are uh, “physics enabled”). Barring this letdown, I was thoroughly impressed by the sexual content!

Verdict (3.5/5★)

Oh my gosh yes I recommend this game! I know I’m supposed to keep my cool when I review porn games, but uh, not gonna lie — it was kind of hard. Hah! Sensual Adventures – Episode 5 is a steamy collection of animations (which are definitely fap-worthy!) However, this “game” is hardly a game. . . it’s more like an interactive porn flick. There is virtually no gameplay or story. Sensual Adventures – Episode 5 is a wonderful fap session (or five), but it doesn’t offer much else. I would have liked to have seen stronger gameplay, such as optional dialogue (like a visual novel) and increased sexual interactivity (such as the ability to change positions during story mode). As long as you understand Sensual Adventures – Episode 5 is not a game (in the traditional sense), I think you’ll enjoy what Puppetmaster3dx has concocked!

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Let’s talk about “Gameplay”

The intro is rather long — it’s nearly two minutes. I think there ought to be a marker to distinguish the introduction from the start of the video. Perhaps it could be a different color from preexisting markers (which separate sex-scenes). I really want to see an option for “auto climaxing”. When I watch futas get fingered, I expect them to splooge on their own damn volition! It’s cool and all to have customizable colors, but I’d like to see color presets — I don’t like fiddling around with RGB sliders. I’m happy to see a “reset” button (because I was definitely gonna complain about not having one!)

Let’s talk about “Sound”

When the main protagonists jerk off, there is no “fap sound” — but every other sexual scene is loaded with proper, sloppy sound effects! When maxed out, the music is problematic; it overpowers the characters’ voices. I missed-out on a few lines of dialogue and gobs of moaning until I turned the volume down. I think this game would benefit from adjustable voices. Many high budget visual novels offer players the ability to individually adjust characters’ volume. As Sensual Adventures – Episode 5 doesn’t offer traditional gameplay, I think it’s important to double-down on adjustable, user-preferences to convey “premium” to users. It doesn’t take long for the music to become tiresome — I would like to see more variety in future releases.

Let’s talk about “Visuals”

I hope that moving forward, there will be stronger cum shots. They don’t necessarily have to be “physics enabled” (but that’d be dope), but I’d like to at least see 3D decals, as opposed to flat, texture-based effects (‘cus that’s lame).

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