Shoot Shoot My Waifu

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Shoot Shoot My Waifu is a lewd strip-’em-up about a Rapheal and his quest to “punish” a group of demon waifus for existing in the human world.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Three or four hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Read instructions below.

Adult Patch Instructions

Create a text file inside the “Shoot Shoot My Waifu_Data” folder ( accessed from main directory) named “nude_patch”. Thanks Steam-user Chris and developer Vindnae!


Shoot baddies, shoot clothes, and collect crafting materials while taking care not to get hit (too many times). If you get hit once, you die, and lose all of your powers. Thankfully, you have multiple “lives”, the exact number depending your chosen difficulty setting. There are three to choose from, each decreasing your hitpoints and increasing the enemies’; it’s unclear if increasing the difficulty has any benefit to progression. The goal of each level is to defeat all the enemies, and to remove all the clothes from the on-screen waifu (by shooting them off!) You are able to craft new characters with their own attack patterns, and new special abilities to help you get ’em in the pussy!

I think Shoot Shoot My Waifu would benefit from less grind.

Each character and ability are locked behind some combination of three materials, which are randomly dropped by enemies upon death. That’s fine, but the issue I have is the difficulty in unlocking new stages (and CGs), especially when you consider one condition is to “craft three items”. Crafting three items requires that you collect a great deal of (not-guaranteed) resources, which translates to repeating the same stages again and again. Given that each stage is the same every time, this isn’t fun. Unlocking new levels takes work, and with only eight CGs to show for itself Shoot Shoot My Waifu isn’t exactly keeping mister pee-pee in a good mood.

Perhaps with randomized level design or reduced crafting costs, the grind would be way-less painful.


Raphael is a angel, and he’s an angel on a mission. Seven demons have escaped him, and they are hiding inside the human world. They’re deceitful, greedy, lascivious beings that Raphael wants to keep to himself — because as it turns out, these demons are super hot waifu demons. For their transgressions, Raphael is tasked with delivering them their punishments. Disguised as the humans they frolic with, Raphael delivers his holy essence with his hot, sticky, lusty spear of vengeance!


I loved the titlescreen. It’s bright and colorful, and animations are an absolute delight. It doubles as a level-select screen, and from the level-menu you can adjust difficulty and access unlocked CGs. You can take screenshots (free from the user-interface), but you can’t hide the user-interface in-game (which kind of blows!) From “Setting”, you may adjust audio, control, display and language preferences. The developers’ social media can be accessed from the bottom left screen. The user-interface is professional, and overall a pleasure to interact with. However, the same can’t be said about the English translation — hah!

The Goods

There are at least eight animated, interactive CGs to see. The art and animation are awesome, and I’m impressed. There are three ways to interact with each CG, typically with a toy or body part. You can fondle each girl to orgasm, spilling her juicy sweet stuff all over the floor! I loved the excess bodily fluids, because lady-juices are hot!


I recommend this game! However, as good as the adult-content is, there’s not very much to see given the grind and playtime. Shoot Shoot My Waifu is a very grindy game; you will have to replay the same stages multiple times and hope that you collect the materials you need for unlockables (including new levels!) The lewds are wonderful, but considering the lack of a “skip” button, I can only recommend this title to someone that enjoys strip-’em-up games. If you don’t, the lewds will not be worth your misery.

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