Struck By the Bladder-Filling Spell

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Struck By the Bladder-Filling Spell is a lewd RPG about Nidina and her ever-full bladder.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Sexual content.

Mosaic’d genitalia.

Hours of Gameplay?
Twenty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


As this game is not available in English, my understanding of this title is mostly based on guesswork and machine translation.


Manage your bladder and water consumption to prevent death by dehydration as you travel from point “A” to “B”. Blocking your path are many enemies, which will force the protagonist, Nidina to gain “Urinary Intention”. When “Urinary Intention” hits one-hundred, she will be forced to urinate on the spot, consuming “Moisture” and gaining “BP”. When Moisture hits “zero” you will lose the game. Moisture can be regained by consuming water bottles (which are found in limited numbers). “BP” is used to augment Nidina’s core stats; “Attack” increases damage dealt; “Defense” reduces damage taken; and “Agility” increases the likelihood of dishing out more than one attack. Be on the look-out for special items to increase BP and resting spots (for CGs!)


Nidina is a teacher, and one day she finds a group of her students skipping class. Emma reveals that they are members of the Shame Magic Club, and asks that Nidina leave them be so they can continue their studies. Failing to relent, Nidina is subjected to Emma’s Shame Magic spell “Hinnyor”. which causes her to bladder to rapidly fill. When Nidina demands that Emma remove the spell, she politely informs the teacher that there is no cure.

. . . and with that, the cards are set for Nidina’s misadevntures.

She visits a nearby hermit in hopes that he would have medicine to treat her newfound toilet trouble. He directs her to a “prayer circle”, where she may be able to have her curse lifted. She travels beneath his store into a short labyrinth, where she eventually stumbles upon the circle and has the spell lifted amidst a glorious golden shower. . . and then the game’s over.


The titlescreen is uneventful, but it does suggest adult content to come. From the “settings” menu you can adjust audio preferences. To fullscreen the application, hit the “F4” key. There is no gallery to review CGs, but you can save before viewing events. The in-game sprites appear to be mostly, if not all RPGMaker defaults. The main character is represented by a 3D model much like one from Daz Studio, and she looks. . . okay; I wasn’t fond of her oversized boobs.

The Goods

There are six static CGs to see, along with a terrible pissing animation that is seen whenever “Moisture” gets to high. Each piece shows the protagonist peeing herself in a different situation. The CGs are below average, and I found the main character and urine to be awkwardly posed. For someone that’s being forced to piss against her will, she seems unusually lax about the gallons of urine leaving her body every few minutes.


Cheap as it is, I don’t recommend this game. The playtime doesn’t justify the price, and the CGs fail to impress. The mechanics owe to what could have been a challenging game of balancing resources; unfortunately, the game is a total cakewalk, and even as such wasn’t worth my time. Save your dollar and go buy some water or something, it’d be way more fun actually peeing than playing this game.

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