Sweet House Love

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Sweet House Love is a lewd match-three game about a man moving in with three ladies.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Game-play?
Two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from Steam.


Sweet House Love is nine-parts match-three, and one-part visual novel. Each game of connect-three nets gold pieces, which can be used to purchase “gifts” from the shop. Gifts can be given to your choice (of three) ladies, increasing their affection. As new “levels” of affection are attained, you will unlock short visual-novel portions in addition to sex scenes (provided the DLC is installed).

. . . yes, this is a game you can play one-handed!


Arata’s new in town, and he needs a place to stay. He finds three roomies to pad with, a pack of promiscuous women. He showers them with expensive gifts, and in return they provide him with sexual favors.

If you ask me, I think Arata dogone-done hit the jackpot!


The titlescreen is basic but otherwise presentable. You may adjust your language preference from the “flag” icon on the upper-right screen. Audio can be muted via a “mute/unmute” button in-game. The user-interface is acceptable, but it seems a little rough around the edges. The English and writing were awful. I appreciate having reading material, but whoever translated this game failed miserably. Although, even if the writing received the basic spellcheck it needs, I doubt it would make each conversation less stiff. Reading the visual novel sections of this game was dreary.

The Goods

There are fifteen animated, mildly interactive sex-scenes to unlock. The animations leave something to be desired, but they are definitely serviceable. Each scene can be progressed by rapidly spamming the mouse buttons. The number of clicks it takes to reach orgasm requires some ridiculous concentration. I was disappointed by the lack of moneyshots. I think the elephant in the room is going to the models themselves — they leave something to be desired. None of the characters are exactly top-notch, and the animations are repetitive and prone to clipping.


I recommend this title. If you’re willing to look past the writing and visuals, Sweet House Love is actually a competent match-three game with tons of sex-scenes. I was impressed by the amount of the content this title offers for such a low price point. While it’s definitely rough around the edges, it wouldn’t take much to turn this game from a good-buy to a great-buy.

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