Eedilyn 4K/2K Screensaver ‘Coaster’ Series Issue One

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Does your PC and/or phone lack personality? This pack of wallpapers includes two variations of our very own plucky heroine; one clothed, and one nude. Eedilyn is a young Nord from Skyrim. She’s convinced that she is the one prophesied to save the world: she believes that she is in-fact, the Dragonborn. Purchase Eedilyn’s debut wallpaper pack today!

Did I mention she’s naked?


— Four 1920×1080 non-nude/nude “2K Desktop” .PNG images
— Four 3840×2160 non-nude/nude “4K Desktop” .PNG images
— Two 1440×1920 non-nude/nude “2K Mobile” .PNG images.
— Two 2880×3840 non-nude/nude “4K Mobile” .PNG images.
— Two 1080×1920 non-nude/nude “2K Mobile” .PNG images.
— Two 2160×3840 non-nude/nude “4K Mobile” .PNG images.

About the ‘Coaster’ Series

The ‘Coaster’ series are a set of images drawn by rollerc04ster, an artist I met on Pixiv. I rather enjoy their art style, and I was eager to commission them for the Wombat Trap’s first wallpapers. Given their content, I will not be providing a direct link to their gallery — unless urine, scat and smols are your thing.

Cherry Kisses

Cherry Kisses is a lewd visual novel/time management game.

Bowsette (1.5/5★)

Bowsette is a lewd beat-’em-up with Bowsette as the main character because uh. . . she’s hot I guess?

Hot And Lovely 3

Hot And Lovely 3 is a lewd origami foldin’ game. Seriously, you fold paper and bang waifus. You know, I can fold some mean paper airplanes, where’s my waifus?

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