Noun: Smol; Plural Noun: Smols

A character who appears young, or is smaller than other characters.

“Don’t be deceived; she’s a smol!”

The word “smol” (when used by me, DatWombat) describes a character that is (generally) small, and super cute. A smol character is often drawn in a “chibi” style, or rendered as a character who is smaller than the rest. The term “smol” should not be confused with “young”, though smol characters may sometimes appear childlike.

However, “smol” does NOT mean “loli”.

A “loli” (or a “shota”) refers to an underage character. By definition, a smol is not underage. An underage smol would not be a smol — they’d be a child, and the Wombat Trap does not host child pornography. A smol could be compared to a “legal loli”, however; despite appearing child-like, a smol is in-fact, an adult. When in doubt, card it out.

Looks under forty? Card ’em.

Don’t worry, she’s legal. Like you ‘n me. Otherwise she wouldn’t be here, right?

DatWombat abides with the law