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Noun: Smol; Plural Noun: Smols

A character who appears young, or is smaller than other characters.

“Don’t be deceived; she’s a smol!”

The word “smol” (when used by me, DatWombat) describes a character that is (generally) small, and super cute. A smol character is often drawn in a “chibi” style, or rendered as a character who is smaller than the rest. The term “smol” should not be confused with “young”, though smol characters may sometimes appear childlike.

However, “smol” does NOT mean “loli”.

A “loli” (or a “shota”) refers to an underage character. By definition, a smol is not underage. An underage smol would not be a smol — they’d be a child, and the Wombat Trap does not host child pornography. A smol could be compared to a “legal loli”, however; despite appearing child-like, a smol is in-fact, an adult. When in doubt, card it out.

Looks under forty? Card ’em.

Don’t worry, she’s legal. Like you ‘n me. Otherwise she wouldn’t be here, right?

DatWombat abides with the law


KukkoroDays is a lewd visual novel about an ordinary man, and his crazy encounter with a not-so fictional knight.

Collection of casual games (休闲游戏合集)

Collection of casual games (休闲游戏合集) is a pair of lewd games; one of them involves shooting colored balls (with more colored balls), and the other is a standard match-three game.

Faptastic Journey

Faptastic Journey is a lewd tower defense game about a man that finds himself in an unknown world at war.

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