Tag: Developer: Lovely Games

Cute Honey 3 (3/5★)

Cute Honey 3 is a lewd set of minigames where you must guide a stream of liquid into a jar by modifying its trajectory with a “magic pencil”.

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YUME is a lewd sidescroller puzzle game about Xixi’s mission to find Li, and free her from sex-slavery.

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Cute Honey

Cute Honey is a lewd puzzle game where you guide water into a glass. . . and then watch some hentai.

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Hot and lovely

Hot and lovely is a lewd rock-paper-scissors game. You beat five girls five times (each) to unlock up-to twenty-five (animated) images of them.

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Hot And Lovely 3

Hot And Lovely 3 is a lewd origami foldin’ game. Seriously, you fold paper and bang waifus. You know, I can fold some mean paper airplanes, where’s my waifus?

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