Hismith 4.0 Sex Machine Review (3.5/5★)

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Chapter One: Introduction

While browsing xToys for compatible toys, one entry caught my eye — the Hismith Sex Machine. I browsed Hismith’s selection and found an updated model, the Hismith 4.0 Sex Machine. Unfortunately, the Hismith payment portal wasn’t working.

So I made my purchase on Amazon instead.

To my surprise, my 4.0 Sex Machine did not come in a retail package. Once I peeled away the shipping box, what I found was an unmarked canvas bag. This bag was not protected in any way; if this package was rained on, the contents could have been damaged. Additionally, there was no exterior packaging to shield my purchase from shipping and handling.

Unless you count the empty box without padding it arrived in — courtesy of Amazon.

I wish I could say it’s Amazon’s fault, but the return address explicitly read “Hismith” and “Shezhen Hismith Technology”, leaving me inclined to believe this shipment was direct from the company. The package even read “Hismith 4.0 Modularized Machine” allowing anyone in the know (or with internet access) to identify the contents.

Shown below is the unmarked canvas bag.

Chapter Two: Unboxing (4/5★)

Unzipping the bag reveals foam inserts cut to fit each component of the 4.0 Sex Machine.

The assembly guide and instructions can be found inside a mesh pouch. The first layer of foam holds mostly electronic components, including power cables, a wired remote, and the Sex Machine itself. Also included is a complementary seven-inch silicone dildo.

Shown below is the top layer of the carrying case.

The second layer holds the legs, feet and thrusting bar for the 4.0 Sex Machine. An Allen wrench is included for assembly and maintenance.

Frustratingly, the 4.0 Sex Machine and all of its parts were tightly wrapped in rigid plastic, not unlike the material used for blister packaging. It’s overkill — the components were already fitted into custom cut foam so there’s no possibility of abrasion. Ironically, the plastic seemingly encouraged scratching as I wedged a utility knife underneath the skin tight plastic.

Show below is the bottom layer of the carrying case.

Once I freed my purchase from the plastic wrap, assembly was a pain in the ass. Erm, it wasn’t in my ass —

As I pushed the legs and feet together, metal dust threatened to stain my bed sheets.

The tolerances are really tight, kind of like my —

Uh, if you’re going to assemble a Hismith Sex Machine, make sure you take it somewhere it can’t stain anything! Once I finished building the machine, I wiped down the feet and legs with rubbing alcohol to remove dust before uh, “testing”.

Shown below is the completed Hismith 4.0 Sex Machine without any attachments.

Chapter Three: Usage (4/5★)

Section Two: Operation

Attaching toys to the thrust bar is a snap!

All I had to do was line up the end of the included attachment with the KlicLok adapter on the end of the thrust bar and push — until I heard a click. The connection feels a little wobbly, but it’s secure. I trialed this machine at high speeds without any detachments.

Removing attachments is as easy as pulling back the ring on the KlickLok adapter.

Shown below is the included attachment attached to the machine.

Using the included speed controller, I participated in offline play during bath time. The adjustable legs allowed me to prop the 4.0 Sex Machine onto the edge of my tub.

Shown below is my bath time setup.

The speed controller sports a side dial to control the speed of the machine between “zero” (no movement) and “100” (max speed). It’s conveniently located where my thumb rests, allowing me to gently work my way up and down.

To note, I’m right-handed.

Whenever I needed a break, there was no need to roll the dial down to “0”; the speed controller has a button to immediately stop the machine. This feature was life saver whenever an attachment slipped out or the machine lost balance.

Shown below is the speed controller perched by my bubble bath.

The speed controller also offers eight preset movement patterns, spicing up the otherwise robotic movement of the 4.0 Sex Machine at the expense of stability. They utilize the full speed of the unit, unfortunately limiting their usage.

If you don’t own a Hismith Platform, the presets will shake the machine when the thrusting depth is set above the lowest setting. The Hismith Platform provides enough weight and traction to the machine to keep it in place.

Shown below is my set-up from the point of view of my bubble bath. I had to settle for reduced thrust and speed to keep the Sex Machine from sliding onto the floor.

Once I got a good feel of the machine‘s default configuration, I reassembled the legs to match Hismith’s “Woman on Top” configuration. By moving both legs and feet to the back of the machine, it’s possible to prop the thrust bar directly upright!

But I’m not tall enough for this ride.

The dildo extended far beyond my anal capacity. Unfortunately, life isn’t a hentai and I’d fucking die if a dildo touched my tummy from my butthole! But even if were taller, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with this configuration anyways.

In the included manual, Hismith explicitly says “The machine and accessories are not waterproof”. If you’re going to be fucking directly over the machine, it’s only a matter of time before cum, squirt or lube splash onto the motor or inside the housing.

Shown below is “Woman on Top” configuration.

Section One: xToys Connectivity

Once I assembled my machine, the first thing I tried to do is connect the unit to xToys. To my horror, it wasn’t detected — I bought this toy for xToys integration!

So I downloaded the Hismith App to see if Bluetooth needed to be somehow “unlocked” first. The app connected seamlessly, indicating “Hismith S1” was available to connect. I don’t think installing the Hismith App was necessary, but I later learned XToys can only connect to your Hismith Sex Machine if you match the name of your device before attempting to connect.

The default search name, “Hismith” does not match the name assigned to 4.0 Sex Machines. The Hismith App simply revealed what I could figured out had I searched for Bluetooth devices via my phone or PC first.

Below, I enter the name of my machine before attempting to “CONNECT”.

Section Two: Safety

The 4.0 Sex Machine is not a toy — well, it is a toy, but it’s a toy that demands care and attention. Careless operation can result in damage to the machine and users. After all, this machine is essentially a power tool for your genitals.

If you think you’ve applied enough lube, it’s probably not enough!

There were numerous times I found dildos much deeper than expected during play. It’s important to remember machines don’t know your comfort level.

Shown below is the “woman on top” configuration. Due to my height, this configuration wouldn’t give me the option to pull out without installing a pull up bar in my room.

For my safety, I chose not to test this set up.

I do not recommend operating the 4.0 Sex Machine in humid environments.

The machine does not have water resistance. If you take so much as a hot shower with the 4.0 Sex Machine, you’ll find the unit coated in a dangerous layer of condensation.

I like being shocked as much as the next girly but I like surviving to be shocked again!

If you insist on using the machine near water (say, next to a bath tub), insure the power adapter is elevated from the floor and the remote is not at risk at falling; both components have seams water can seep into. If possible, I’d avoid touching the remote entirely. Using the Hismith App or connecting to xToys, I was able to use my water resistant phone to operate the device.

Shown below is the Hismith 4.0 Sex Machine perched on my bathtub. To prevent water contact, I insured the machine wouldn’t fall inside if it fell over.

At high speeds, the 4.0 Sex Machine shakes violently. If you don’t own a Hismith Platform, it’s difficult to keep the unit in one place. I found myself holding the machine during heated sessions. Considering I bought this device for hands-free play, using my hands defeated it’s purpose.

xToys also allows users to set patterns and maximum speed, offering a safer alternative to the included speed controller when stability is in question.

Shown below is the knob responsible for thrust depth. Shown is the minimum setting; by untwisting the knob and pulling back, up to four additional inches may be added. It’s important to resecure the knob before use.

Chapter Three: Maintenance (4/5★)

Section One: Cleaning

The advertised KlickLok system makes it easy to remove attached toys for cleaning! It’s as easy as pulling back the KlickLok-connector on the thrust bar — attachments will gently release.

Shown below is the included attachment mated with the thrust bar.

Shown below is the exposed female KlickLok-connector, after removing the including dildo. The octagonal pattern keeps attachments from rotating during use.

Attachments sold by Hismith have removeable male Klicklok-connectors, allowing them to be repurposed as suction toys. However, this system allows water to enter inside the toy (even with the connectors intact). I would not feel comfortable allowing the included dildo (or any other KlickLok-compatible attachment) to be submerged.

Personally, I like to keep my sex toys in my bathroom for quick clean-up. But to prevent water build-up and rust, I store my KlickLok attachments dissembled after use.

Show below is the included dildo with the KlickLok-connecter unscrewed. As you can see, this device is ill fitted for any application the suction cup is not in use to protect its internals.

Only some of the machine can be broken down, allowing the thrusting rod, legs and feet to be serviced. However, it’s not possible to clean the bulk of moving parts without breaking down the machine more than recommended.

Attachments are replaceable, but not spare KlickLok inserts. If you convert any attachments into suction cup dildos, take care not to lose any parts. I recommend purchasing a Hismith Suction Cup Adapter just in case you lose any connectors for your attachments.

Shown below is a loose KlickLok insert.

Section Two: Repairs

You better hold onto the manual, because Hismith doesn’t offer digital copies! Unfortunately, repairs for the 4.0 Sex Machine are limited at best.

The only replacement part available for order is the thrust bar.

The thrust bar is screwed clockwise into the machine and clamped down via a “butterfly knob”. Without the instructions, it’s easy to assume the thrust bar simply slides out after loosing the butterfly screw. It’s important not to fully unscrew the knob — it only needs to be loosened before twisting the thrust bar.

Shown below is the butterfly knob used to secure the thrust bar.

If any other part of the machine fails chances are you’re shit out of luck. Fortunately, Hismith offers a “1-year warranty . . . on the date of purchase” to “restore any defects in the product resulting from faults in materials or workmanship”.

I’m unsure if Hismith will honor the warranty considering I made my purchase via Amazon, and I have no experience with Hismith customer service. However, it’s clear the entire machine will need to be replaced a year from purchase if anything fails.

Replacement motors can be found on Hismith’s website are strictly compatible with “HS06, HS11, HS12, HS13, HS14, HS08 series” Sex Machines.

The Hismith 4.0 Sex Machine is a HS03 series Machine. 

Replacement power supplies appear to be missing a pair of notches to secure the power adapter to the cable box. Although the power adapter matches the specifications of one included with the 4.0 Sex Machine, it’s obviously a different model.

Shown below is the detached thrust bar.

Section Two: Power

The 4.0 Sex Machine is powered via a 110 to 250 volt plug.

The length of the power cord is somewhat constricting, measuring roughly five feet in length. It’s perfectly fine for a bedroom, maybe even a living room — but when I wanted to bring the machine into an adjacent room (such as my bathroom), I employed an extension cord to bring the fun. If you’re tight on outlets, you’ll definitely want to consider an extension cord.

Section Two: Storage

Using the included Allen wrench, the feet of the machine can be loosened and detached. The legs are friction fit, requiring no tools to remove.

Thanks to the included canvas bag with foam inserts, finding a spot for the 4.0 Sex Machine is easy work. To note, the Sex Machine must be dissembled before it will fit in the bag. However, the bag and inserts offer little protection from the top.

I wouldn’t recommend storing anything on top of the Sex Machine.

Shown below is the carrying case. As you can see, there are no exterior markings to reveal its contents. The generic qualities of the bag offer peace of mind when stored in plain sight!

Chapter Four: Quality (3/5★)

Section One: Build

Hismith are proud of their work, and it shows! Each component proudly bears the name or logo, from the body down to its legs and feet. One of my favorite brand marks is the motor box; Hismith’s “H” logo changes color based on the speed of the machine.

The legs however, feel a little too tight; they would often grind through the openings. I understand the tight fits contribute to the stability of height adjustments, but it still makes the overall experience of assembling the Sex Machine feel cheap.

Shown below is the aforementioned motor box with Hismith’s logo.

Section Two: Sound

You’ll want to wait until you’re home alone before firing up the 4.0 Sex Machine.

On low speed and thrusts, the machine is relatively quiet. Though I could hear the machine through my door, it’d be easy to mask with ambient noise (such as a movie or a fish tank) and it certainly wouldn’t wake anybody in a neighboring room.

As I ramped up the speed beyond a measly ten-percent I heard the machine through the walls of neighboring rooms. At maximum speed, the 4.0 Sex Machine could be heard anywhere in my home! Combined with the lewd sounds of plapping and moaning, it may be no secret to anyone — not even your neighbors — when this machine is running!

Below, I demonstrate the 4.0 Sex Machine at fifty-percent speed.

Chapter Seven: Verdict (3/5★)

The Hismith 4.0 Sex Machine and it’s attachments have become my favorite bath time “toys”.

This machine cracked my anal confidence wide open as I plunged the largest dildos Hismith sells at high speed between my legs. I subjected myself to rigorous (arguably dangerous) sessions to test the limits of my machine (and well, me).

But the 4.0 Sex Machine packs more punch than it can handle. I struggled to find places in my home it could reach me and remain stable. If you want to take the fun off the floor and experience its full power, purchasing the Hismith Platform is a necessity.

But if you do, the Hismith 4.0 Sex Machine will rock your world as hard as it made me!

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