Wombat Trap MK-II

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Welcome to my new ‘bat burrow.

Creating this new ‘n improved Wombat Trap website was a labor of love. Now if I had to set up another website, I think I could do it without too much hassle. But gee, websites for first timers ain’t too straightforward.

So what’s new?

. . . at the moment, nothin’ much. As the ‘Trap stands, all I did was move the contents of my old site to this (new) site. I did make some revisions here and there, but nothing major. Now that I’ve switched over to WordPress, I can accept user feedback on my website. Also, I’m not violating Googles Terms of Service anymore.

Turns out, you’re not ‘sposed host porn on Google Sites. Oops!

Wha’s the plan?

Well, I’d like to continue operations like normal. Postin’ reviews, talkin’ about lewd things. In the future, I want to expand upon my creative writing and modding. Using WordPress’ post functionality, I will be able to deliver the latest of Wombat Trap news to you with ease.

It’s good to be back!

Questions, requests or comments?