Zeki Vallana

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Age: Twenty-six

Ethnicity: To be determined

Eye Color: Blue

Gender: Female

Height: 6ft 1in

Occupation: Store Co-owner

Orientation: Lesbian

Residence: Wilhelm

Species: Elvish

Weight: 155 Pounds

About Ashlyn Vallana

Zeki manages the paperwork at No Balls Luxury Goods. She and her twin sister, Ashlyn co-own this storefront in Wilhelm.

No Balls Luxury Goods

Specializing in luxury goods, No Balls is Ashlyn and Zeki’s store situated in Wilhelm’s noble district. They specialize in adult toys and tapestries, but they also sell a wide variety of apparel, glasswork and ornate weapons. Whenever Zeki isn’t looking (or rather, whenever Ashlyn think’s her sister isn’t looking), No Balls doubles as a brothel.

Sexual Information

Zeki is somewhat disinterested in sex. She’s happy to help her sister during the night (when there’s no customers to fulfil her “needs”) — but Zeki desires a long-lasting, monogamous relationship. Furthermore, as a lesbian, the many gentlemen of Wilhelm are of no interest to her.

Dom or subby: Top or Bottom?

Years of being pounded by her sister have rendered Zeki subservient to her romantic partners — she’s a sub alright.


Ashlyn Vallana — Sister

Since they were rescued as stranded children, the Vallanas have historically been seperated. During their service in the military, Zeki dealt with inventory and paperwork away from combat — Ashlyn participated in the frontlines. It was primarily letters that kept them connected during a near decade of service. They were reunited when they pooled their savings to purchase a storefront in Wilhelm. As co-owners for No Balls, they’ve never been happier.


  • Zeki was first introduced to the world on February 7th, 2021.
  • Zeki is considered non-canon.

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