Memory-based Game

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Noun: Memory Game; Plural Noun: Memory Games

Memory-games are based on memorizing objects, patterns or sequences. For example, matching (face-down) cards or memorizing strings of numbers.

Memory puzzles try the user’s ability to recall details, often in place of problem solving. The most common form of memory game is played with a set of randomly assorted, face-down pairs of cards. The goal of these games is collect each pair of cards by turning over matching sets. The user is limited to flipping cards two at a time, encouraging them to memorize the locations of previously flipped cards.

Some memory puzzles require the user to recall a sequence of movements or numbers. Many memory puzzles can be cheated with one or more screenshots or video. Some games use timers or moving pieces to discourage the use of peripheral software.

β€” you have to memorize six-digit numbers. It’s. . . as fun as it sounds.

DatWombat, review for Smart Girl Christmas

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