Day: June 17, 2020


Noun: Bits; Plural Noun: Bits Male or female genitalia.

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Noun: Poser; Plural Noun: Posers Poser-games are focused on posing one or more subjects in an environment, much like a virtual dollhouse.“Now that’s one saucy dance.”

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Noun: Blackjack; Plural Noun: Blackjack A card game where the goal is to draw a hand with a larger value than your opponents’, without exceeding the number twenty-one. Each player starts with two cards, each one representing a numeric value. The goal

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Memory-based Game

Noun: Memory Game; Plural Noun: Memory Games Memory-games are based on memorizing objects, patterns or sequences. For example, matching (face-down) cards or memorizing strings of numbers. Memory puzzles try the user’s ability to recall details, often in place of problem solving. The

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Sauce; Saucy

Adjective: SaucyNoun: Sauce; Plural Noun: Sauce Sexually arousing content.“Now that’s one saucy dance.”

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Noun: Juice; Plural Noun: Juice “Juice” (in the context of genitalia) refers to the fluid that is released from a woman’s vagina when aroused (or less commonly, during intercourse).“Dude-bro, check that drippy-juicy puss’ down yonder!” Discharged from a lady’s lady-parts, juice describes the (exaggerated) fluid

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