Ask a Wombat! 006

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Mr. Teal asks. . .

I read your review for Succumate on Steam, and I have to agree- legitimately grinding for things is, as you put it, grating. However, I haven’t been able to find any way to use cheats on this game. What method did you use?

DatWombat says. . .

Hey! I’ve been putting off this question for too long — I’m sorry, I haven’t been feeling great. Succumate. . . Succumate. . . ah yes! That game. I vaguely recall starting the game with tons of items you’d normally have to grind for. I don’t know if I somehow activated a cheat, or if the adult-patch somehow goofed-up. However, I did have to do some grinding. I spent my time playing a sort-of musical minigame. There’s a trash pile where you’re able to play guitar — as you spend time jammin’ you’ll be joined by a variety of animals (and make bank!) This is a good minigame to play with a phone; pull up your favorite YouTube video, and keep an eye on each screen!

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