Ask a Wombat! 009

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Sage the old mage asks. . .

So am new to the lewd scene when it comes to games, got any Gems to recommend? Also so you a trap -_- but you haven’t caught anyone yet …so are you an effective trap?

DatWombat says. . .

Boy o’ boy, what a rabbit hole to fall into! To be honest, I’m kind of new to the “lewd scene” too. I’ve only been writing about adult games for less than two years! It’s hard for me to recommend “any Gems” because I don’t know what you’re looking for! There are so many different kinds of lewd games, it really depends on your favorite genres and whatever turns you on. Personally, I love the adult RPGs Kagura Games publish, but they often feature non-consensual intercourse and kinkier subjects. After I met that catgirl, my questlist got too long! is a wonderful RPG, but I wouldn’t call it lewd game; it’s rather sex-lite. Recently, I played a game called Daughter of Essence. It’s no fap-fest, but it offers tons of story-building and challenging combat. Tower and Sword of Succubus offers a collection of games that’ll test your skill (but your efforts won’t go unrewarded!) Insexsity is an interesting 2D sidescroller that can get pretty depraved as you progress. Oh! If you want to see some pretty hardcore lewdness (seriously, fair warning), consider looking at Escape Dungeon. It’s an interesting game to play, and the sexual content. . . mmph!

Hey! I’m effective! I could catch people if I wanted to!

Moloko (1/5★)

Moloko is a lewd jigsaw game with an assortment of generic babes.


Succumate is a lewd visual novel/RPG about a man and his newfound succubus roommate.

Hentai Waifu II (2/5★)

Hentai Waifu II is a lewd swippy-swappy game with assorted “hentai waifus”.