Tower and Sword of Succubus

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Tower and Sword of Succubus is a lewd collection of action RPGs and sidescrollers about prophesies and succubus.


(Adult) Content? [TSoS]
(F, FxF, FxM) Sexual content.

(Adult) Content? [TToS/SH]
(F, FxM) Sexual content.

Censorship? [All Games]
No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay? [TSoS]
Five or six hours.

Hours of Gameplay? [TToS]
Five or six hours.

Hours of Gameplay? [SH]
One or two hours.

Modding Support? [All Games]

Patch Available? [All Games]
No, not necessary.


Tower and Sword of Succubus is actually three games in one; when booting the game from your Steam Library, you may choose which game to boot into. I received a free copy of this game from the developers. Thanks Critical Bliss! I apologize for how long it took for me to get to this game; I didn’t think you guys were sending me such a large (and lewd) care package!


The Sword of Succubus is a top-down action-RPG not dissimilar from Legend of Zelda. Like the aforementioned title, The Sword of Succubus is a form of open-world RPG that unfolds with each piece of the Triforce “Force” you collect. The Tower of Succubus is a top-down action-RPG that’s more puzzle-based; in this game, you must climb seventy-seven floors and beat the Succubus Queen. Both games have very difficult boss fights — in addition to memorizing the bosses’ patterns, you’ll have to weave through a screenfull of projectiles. Succubus Hunter is a sidescroller RPG that’s similar to the old Castlevania games — this game is the most “fair and balanced”, and a great segue into the Critical BlissMidnight Castle Succubus DX.

The Sword of Succubus

Collect items, solve puzzles, smash baddies and get smashed! The Sword of Succubus is a top-down action-RPG that doesn’t hold your hand. Combat can get pretty intense — boss fights are not dissimilar from a bullet hells. You must collect three pieces of the “Force” from three dungeons (or “trials”). As you obtain new items and equipment, the world map will slowly unfold. Between getting raped and taking double damage are your clothes; if they run out of hit points, you better watch your rear! The heroine is a busty succubus; as such, she can put her body to good use. Breast milk is a resource, which can be used to revive NPCs or sold. She can also sell her body for extra gold — and trust me, you’re gonna want every piece you can get!

The Tower of Succubus

Solve puzzles and manage foes as you ascend the Succubus Tower! There are seventy-seven floors to scale, and already-completed floors can be revisited at anytime. You may find it necessary to backtrack to collect hidden items. Be on the look out for “diaries” — these often include useful information, including the whereabouts of power-ups. At your disposal are fireballs and kicks (and ultimately, swords). Fireballs consume “magic”, which must be carefully managed; though you have unlimited fireballs, without magic their damage is dramatically reduced. To beat the game, you’ll have to defeat six bosses. These enemies are no pushover, and you’ll need to be on your toes as you dodge attacks from every direction!

Succubus Hunter

Whip (or magic) your way through baddies and bosses! Succubus Hunter is similar to Midnight Castle Succubus DX, though not as colorful or refined. It’s a brief, sidescroller platformer with simple gameplay; the goal is to reach the end of each stage, and defeat the succubus that awaits you! There are five levels to complete, which must be completed in order; however, to unlock both playable characters you’d need to beat the game twice. As you’re timed, it’s important to move quickly! Whatever you do, don’t exit the application until you’re one-hundred percent certain you have recorded the code associated with your save (which is displayed on the “game over” screen).


The Sword of Succubus is about a succubus that must fulfill the prophecy by defeating the “overlord”. The Tower of Succubus is about a succubus that must climb a tower to reclaim her power. The Succubus Hunter is about a woman that must save her sister from becoming a succubus.

The Sword of Succubus

The humble town of Assen is home to the Holy Sword; at least, it was home to the Holy Sword. A man named Galf paid Assen a visit, and he took the sword. It is said that a “hero” is destined to use the sword to defeat the evil overlord. However, Galf has made it clear he’s more interested in the benefits that come with being the “hero” than the responsibilities. Tired (and horny), Galf pays a mysterious woman a visit. Unfortunately, this woman is no human — she’s a succubus! She sucks the life out of him, and takes the sword as her own. With the Holy Sword in her possession, the hero of the story becomes a heroine.

The Tower of Succubus

Robbed of her power, Lucia must reclaim her succubus crest by climbing the Succubus Tower. Many have sought the treasures within — some have even tried to claim the crest for themselves. Hundreds of “heroes” have tried and failed. Unlike the humans that precede her, Lucia is a succubus; she is far stronger, and when she gets raped. . . she gets stronger.

Succubus Hunter

Abducted by an succubus, Olivia is gang-raped by a legion of monsters. Her sister is a succubus hunter, and she the only one that can free Olivia from being transformed into a succubus; unfortunately, not all stories have happy endings. I can’t help but wonder, is this the same succubus hunter from Midnight Castle Succubus DX?


The titlescreen for each game is awesome! Though they are not as lewd as I’d like them to be, the retro-aesthetic is spot-on. From “Option”, you may adjust audio, display and language preferences — unfortunately, Succubus Hunter lacks any form of “Option” menu. Also, Succubus Hunter cannot be properly fullscreened. It kind of works, but any changes to the application window will distort the graphics. CGs can be reviewed from the “Gallery”; as they are displayed in their original, in-game resolution, they cannot be fullscreened and the user-interface can’t be hidden. It’s a shame β€” I would have loved to see the artwork upsized to fill my screen. Critical Bliss, can we have art DLC?

The Goods

The artwork in all three games is phenomenal! If you’re a fan of lewd pixel art, get ready to wet your pants. The Sword of Succubus boasts forty-one animated CGs (or “Anime”) and twenty-eight static CGs; this game focuses on prostitution and rape, with a side of tiddie-milking. There are also a few interactive games, where you get to fondle the main protagonist! The Tower of Succubus has roughly fifty-six static CGs, most of them regarding NPCs being raped (to death!) Succubus Hunter has thirty-two monochromatic CGs to unlock; most of them regard the main protagonists being gang raped. There’s big boobies, milking, monster girls, prostitution, rape and tentacles — if that’s your cup of tea, I hope you brought extra napkins!


Don’t wait — even at full price, I fully recommend this game! However, Tower and Sword of Succubus is not for the feint hearted: the boss fights are surprisingly difficult, and if you don’t fancy yourself a “gamer” they may end your playthrough early. You can expect some backtracking as you grind for resources and unlock new areas. Tower and Sword of Succubus is a game first, and hentai second. You’re gonna be frustrated, and you’re gonna have to get good. For those of you willing to grit your teeth, you’ll be delighted by the sheer number and quality of adult-CGs to see. Tower and Sword of Succubus is a game meant to be played with two hands; but if you ever need a break, a visit to the “gallery” is all you need for a one-handed game!

Wombat Woah! β€” “Forest Grapple Free Roam” [Dec 16 2020]

[Sword of Succubus] During a hunt for a “crystal” in the Dark Forest, I tried grappling over one of the water bodies to see if there were any hidden grapple posts. To my surprise, it worked. . . but not in the way I had hoped. I was transported into the water, free to roam the outside boundaries of the screen. However, I was unable to reach the playable area without resetting the game. [Image] [Image]

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