Ask a Wombat! 019

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SexyGuy007 asks. . .

How much do you charge for ads on your website?

DatWombat says. . .

Well, to be honest I haven’t thought about it too much. I do maintain coding for ad space, but it goes unused (unless I’m using it, LOL). My pricing is based on location and viewership; it goes without saying, bigger, more obvious Ads would be more expensive than smaller ones. As the Wombat Trap grows bigger, I increase my prices. As I write this response, I think I’d charge between five and fifteen dollars. If you’re interested in Ad space, I would suggest reaching out to me. I don’t advertise content I wouldn’t support or personally enjoy.

Succubus Hotel

Succubus Hotel is a lewd RPG about two unlikely companions, and the debt they must pay by the end of the month.

Heart of Dungeon Review (2/5★)

Heart of Dungeon is a lewd “choose your own adventure” style visual novel about an adventurer’s detour into a rapey dungeon.

Hentai Thigh

Hentai Thigh is a lewd slider/swippy-swappy game with “thigh” theme.

Waifu Collector

Waifu Collector is a lewd collector/visual novel game about acquiring “blessings” from Goddesses which are added directly to your Steam inventory.

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