Ask a Wombat! 073

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Karoll asks. . .

Hi, any chance you have contacts of Sexy-H Jigsaw Puzzle developers? I’ve been trying to reach them for a while now but didn’t really get any luck. I am actually collecting unreleased games and Sexy-H Jigsaw Puzzle was never released due to a dmca claim I am looking a way to acquire the game directly from them. 😀

Thanks, wombattrap!

DatWombat writes. . .

Hey Karoll! Unfortunately, I have no contact with the developers of Sexy-H Jigsaw Puzzle.

I dobt know if the review i wrote for Sexy-H Jigsaw Puzzle is references the game you’re referring to, but it appears Horni Owl is the developer team.

I’d try looking up that name on Google for relevant pages, or maybe even Steam. You might be able to add the developers as a friend! If you can reach the Steam Discussion page (try searching “Sexy-H Jigsaw Puzzle Steam Discussions”, there’s a good chance you can find the developers’ contact information via a pinned post, news/updates, or even the accounts themselves.

Let me know if your quest is successful!

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