Ask a Wombat! July 2020

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Hello readers! It’s been a wild ride since January — that’s when I founded the Wombat Trap. Technically speaking, the Wombat Trap was created on November, 2019. While I did publish the Wombat Trap Curator page on Steam in November, I didn’t advertise or post reviews (with regularity) until late January, 2020. I didn’t expect the ‘Trap to grow as big as it did — and I would have never thought that I’d hosting Q&A sessions with my fans! Fans. . . it’s so strange, to consider. I’ve had fans before, and some readership years before when I drew with pen and paper. As I write this post, I have nearly four-thousand Followers on Steam, which still shocks me. I used to write reviews just for fun (and I still do), but now I write them professionally.

Well, if you living in a cardboard box professional.

Sure, writing doesn’t pay the bills (yet). But as an artist, it’s invigorating when people think your skill has monetary value. I was impressed by the number of questions I received when I opened my inbox. I had originally thought the lot of ya were going to send me stupid questions — I was pleasantly surprised to see a host of really good questions, which really got me thinking. I enjoyed answering (most of) your questions, and I hope to host my “Ask a Wombat” sessions in the future.

So hey, if you like what you see, keep ’em comin’!

Pretzel! asks. . .

Mostly I’m curious what you look for in games you really enjoy. Love the reviews!

First of all, that’s not a question — no “question mark” equals no question. . . but I’ll let you off this time. What I look for differs from game to game; what I desire from an RPG differs from that of a visual novel. Now, you didn’t specify what kind of games. In adult-games, I look for meaningful gameplay married with quality, erotic content. Otherwise, I enjoy challenges. In the Borderlands and Elder Scrolls series, I would participate in self-imposed challenges to significantly raise the difficulty level — such playing without shields or weapons.

Who doesn’t like to get one-shotted?

Andrew asks. . .

What made you want to start reviewing adult steam games?

I. . . don’t recall. I once bought a game on Steam called Foto Babes. I don’t know what possessed me to purchase this game; at the time I was blissfully unaware of asset-flips and what I call “memeware”. I followed that purchase with a game called Tale of Fortune, which I no doubt purchased when I saw the tags “Nudity” and “Sexual Content”. I posted negative reviews for each title, and each was rated as “Helpful” by a number of users. I pursued “Helpful” ratings for several months in 2019, and then I abruptly stopped writing. Fast forward to January, 2020, and I booted the Wombat Trap Curator page on Steam, for shits and giggles.

I figured “why not?”

I had no interest in reviewing games that were already covered. So I decided to take something I like (gratuitous nudity) and write about a niche genre (adult-games). I find adult-games to be a novel concept. It’s interesting to see how developers handle the balance between gameplay and sexual content. Videogames as a medium are interactive; they give the viewer agency, unlike a pre-rendered scene that can be found online. I suspect that in the future, adult-videogames may play a wider role in the porn industry.

Virtual reality, anyone?

Lily asks. . .

What are your top 5 lewd games on steam? ^^

Now that’s a hard question for me — which I won’t answer. I don’t feel comfortable declaring the “top five” lewd games on Steam, because most of my lewd game exposure consists of new releases in 2020 — hardly a representation of the Steam lewd marketplace. But hey, let’s get started with my top five games that I have played (in no particular order).

I’ll start with Breeders of the Nephelym: Alpha. I loved collecting new monster girls to breed on my farm. I spent many hours trying to find the best breeding stock from around the world! It appeals to my interests in biology (or more specifically, selective breeding), and my desire for all-things-lewd.

Next up will be Last Evil. This game shocked me; between the gameplay, graphics and plenty sex scenes, the game on release was an impressive game I held with high regard. Since then, it has received tremendous support from the community and developer.

I then choose Monster Girl Garden, which I’ll admit probably is going to be an unpopular choice. I like it for the same reasons I enjoyed Breeders of the Nephelym: Alpha. It’s like if you combined Monster Rancher and Viva Pinata, and added lots of fucking for good measure. The graphics leave something to be desired, but it’s otherwise a fun game to play.

I then choose Mirror, a high quality “connect-three” game that I consider to be the pinnacle of this category of adult-game. The artwork is amazing, it has an engaging story, and the gameplay is both challenging but forgiving enough for newcomers of the genre. It’s a game where the developers sort of did everything right, and I can’t compare other games to Mirror because it’s just too good.

For my final choice, I pick Skyrim. Now I know that Skyrim isn’t technically a “lewd game”, but all it takes is a few mods to turn Skyrim into full-on adult experience. I used to be an avid Skyrim modder, and an active member of the adult-modding community. It’s one of those games I’d love to get back into, and maybe finish modding my “perfect” Skyrim experience.

holasoiflair asks. . .

Will you someday review games not on steam on your website?

I would love to. Actually, when I founded the Wombat Trap, I had planned on reviewing games from a platform called DLSite. Problem being, I found myself engulfed by the sheer number of adult-games on Steam. However, I am also financially motivated not to review non-Steam games. During the first four months I wrote for the Wombat Trap, I spent between two and three hundred dollars a month in expenses. I hope that in the future, as the Wombat Trap draws more income, I will be able to expand to other platforms with payed software. There are a handful of platforms I have my eye on, including DLsite and Patreon games.

Of course, I’d probably be obligated to review any game sent to me. . . wink wink.

Knack asks. . .

Are you single lol

No comment.

Winston asks. . .

Why are you so cute?

My fur is rejuvenated by consuming at least half a gallon of Mountain Dew everyday. There ain’t nothin’ like delicious preservatives — mmm, mm!

Andrew asks. . .

What’s your favorite adult steam game that you have reviewed and that you haven’t reviewed?

My most favorite adult Steam game that I have reviewed might be AI*Shoujo/AI*少女. While I didn’t recommend the Steam release, it provided me with many hours of entertainment. It inspired me to write my longest review (to date), and I found myself drawn into the wonderful visuals; I spent hours photographing the game to illustrate my review.

As for a game I haven’t reviewed. . .

I choose Breeders of the Nephelym: Alpha. In this game, you breed monster girls with a wide variety of traits. It combines my love for selective breeding and sexy monster girls. I played this game for hours on end, searching for the perfect monsters to abduct and breed.

I would love to write a long write-up for this game someday.

Winston asks. . .

What are your favorite kinks/fetishes?

Disgusting and morally reprehensible content that I don’t care to disclose; I’d like to remain a somewhat respected member of Steam society. I’ll tell you what I don’t like though; ball busting, inflation, tickling, and vore. I don’t get how anyone would be turned on by these subjects, but to each their own. I’m glad I live in a country where people can fap-fap to their favorite characters being transformed into feckin’ balloons.

Because you know what? Censorship is BS.

Blood asks. . .

What goodies are coming to the Wombat Store?

Well, I have two products in mind for the Wombat Trap store; I hope to sell a combination of artwork and short stories. Or perhaps, I’ll sell comic books! Overall, expect to see more creative content on the Store, as opposed to my boring ol’ reviews. . . not that my reviews are boring mind you.

USER asks. . .

Do you watch anime? I am very curious if you are a wombat of culture? What are your top 10+ anime recommendations (preferably hidden gems)?

I don’t watch anime — I guess I’m not a wombat of culture. Actually, I don’t watch any movies or shows. I can’t bear to sit in front of a screen without clacking keys or playing a game. It feels so. . . unproductive. There is one series that I am mildly interested in, Ikki Tousen. I used to play a game called SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash, and I had an Ikki Tousen DLC installed (which added a few new playable characters to the game). Among those characters was a lady named Lu Meng; a Google searched revealed her to be otherwise known as Ryomou Shimei. I found her really attractive, so I did some research on her character. In the future, I might find myself watching anime, or maybe even writing about it.

Actually. . . does Dragon Ball Z count? I don’t watch any DBZ, but it’s a series that I am very interested in watching. I find the characters to be ridiculous, but nonetheless fun. I’m curious if the Brolly character plays any new parts in the DBZ universe outside of the (what I think is) non-canon movie. Shallow as he was, I enjoy big-baddies with badass attacks and voices. He and Omega Shenron are two of my favorite characters from the series, though I’ll admit I don’t know much about either of them.

Although let’s get real; the only way I’m buckling down for an anime in the near future is if it’s hentai. For the story!

Questions, requests or comments?