Top Fighters with Rape

Table of Contents

Hentai Fighter

I don’t recommend this game to anyone — i just havent played any good fighter games with rape mechanics. Hentai Fighter is a clunky fighting game with grossly unbalanced “combos” and poorly implemented sex attacks.

Wet Girl

Wet Girl is a lewd first-person shooter about spraying a rival nightclub’s dancers with uh. . . “milk”.

Holy SIsters 3D (1/5★)

Holy SIsters 3D is a third-person shooter about shooting gremlins (in Hell!)

Hentai Girl Clicker (2/5★)

Hentai Girl Clicker is a lewd clicker game where you click on fruits to see ladies be naked and stuff.

Fake lay

Fakelay is a lewd clicker game about a pervy taxi driver and his adult film business.

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