The Elf’s Lewd Training

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The Elf’s Lewd Training is a lewd clicker game about sexually abusing an elven queen to extort her secrets.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxM) Sexual content.

Mosaic’d genitalia.

Hours of Game-play?
One or two hours0.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I’m not gonna lie; when I saw this title, I got super super excited. There’s this flash game — yeah, a flash game — that I really liked. I want to say it was called Rope Bondage Rebirth. In this game, you had a bound woman at your disposal, and you could do with her as you pleased. Based on the screenshots that I saw for The Elf’s Lewd Training, this game looked similar. While both games do share similarities, I did find myself a little turned off by the less “sandbox” gameplay of this title.

Perhaps, the developers could add a “free time” mode after beating the game.

In Rope Bondage Rebirth, you could play dress-up or change the background. It was much, much more satisfying to remove clothes in that game than in this one. In The Elf’s Lewd Training, clothes just sort of disappear. Clothes could be carefully slid off in Rope Bondage Rebirth and they actually restricted the heroine’s movement, much like actually undressing. But to be honest, this game is a league beyond Rope Bondage Rebirth.

I’m just being nostalgic. Don’t feckin’ judge me. I was young once too!


. . . in a nutshell

Hold and spam the mouse button with a variety of sexual tools to unlock new sexual content as you violate a helpless elven queen. As her “Sexual Development” increases, you will unlock visual novel-style cutscenes which unfold the story. Though your interaction with the queen are timed, you can interact with her any number of times that you need (or want) without penalty.

out the shell. . .

The goal of the game is to unlock the ending by increasing Elfin’s Sexual Development Level. Each Level she gains will yield a new cutscene, letting way to another part of the story. She is the sexual subject of the game, and each in-game day you may feel her up with a variety of sexual tools, using one or more poses (which help with those hard to reach places). Each part of her body corresponds to Lewd Training table, which measures the amount of stimulation she has received on each area. To unlock new tools, you must work on Elfin’s Lewd Training. For new poses, they are unlocked with each Sexual Development Level.

But be wary; Elfin is protected by magic.

If you overstimulate Elfin, her magic will kick-in and reset your Sexual Development gauge. While you can’t lose levels to the her magic, you can lose a few minutes of progress with one overextended finger. Elfin has a limited Stamina, and when it hits “zero” the day ends. While you are timed, Sexual Development is carried over between days; you take as many days as you need to bend Elfin to your will.

Once you complete the game, you will unlock a new game mode — Elfin’s Room. From Elfin’s Room, you may engage in consensual intercourse with the heroine. There are no goals or timers in Elfin’s Room; just watch the “Cum” counter go up-up-up.

. . . also yes! This is a game you can play one handed!


Elfin, queen of the Elven Kingdom has been taken prisoner. There is a war raging between Elf-kind and mankind, and with Elven queen under man’s control they intend on winning. Her imprisonment is supervised by a an all-powerful sorcerer.

Problem for him, she’s protected by magic.

Problem for her, the sorcerer is versed in the lewd hand. He is the last of the perverted souls, and with his dark and sexual ways he plans on tearing her armor from her body.

Except, he’s got another problem; he can’t do it.

Because he’s not actually a perverted soul. He’s a fake, a phony. But hope isn’t lost yet — the sorcerer has an apprentice, and all eyes are on him to get the queen to. . . Actually, it’s unclear what the sorcerer wants with the queen. An apology? A confession? A surrender? I feel like the sorcerer just made stuff up so that he’d get his way with the queen after she was captured.

Mister Sorcerer, you sneaky bastard.

It is later revealed that the humans are trying to extort information from Elfin. They believe that she holds knowledge of the Lightning Sword’s whereabouts, which would insure the humans’ victory. Except that it’s Elfin that reveals this tidbit; I suppose the humans decided that if they raped her enough, she’d cough up something interesting?

That seems like a . . . reasonable pastime.


The titlescreen and user-interface looks good. They are easy to navigate and stylish. From “Resolution”, you may adjust the size of the application window. There is an “open book” icon that can be accessed in-game, where you may adjust audio and display preferences. In addition, you may also view a manual on how to play the game. To my knowledge, the user-interface cannot be hidden. Developers, can we have the option to hide the interface, please?

Touching on “Resolution” again, this application has some serious display issues.

Unfortunately, this game cannot be fullscreened without stretching its contents. It’s unfortunate that this game cannot be fit on a standard 16:9 display, but I would have liked to have been able to fill my screen (even if only with black bars). I find it annoying to have to play this game with my other applications in the background.

Developers, can y’all fix this, pretty please?

The Goods

This whole game is a lewd experience; other than the cutscenes, the only thing you’re going to see is a bound and helpless (and probably nude) anime girl. She looks alright. I can’t put my finger on it, but she looks like a “retro” anime girl. I generally expect a different quality and style of anime girl for modern lewd games. She is totally animated, and she reacts to everything you do to her. Her reactions aren’t too varied, but she’s fully alive. The animations and lewd content are overall sweet!

Don’t get me started on the cut-away penetration views when you go for the glory — normally, cut-aways aren’t my thing, but the ones The Elf’s Lewd Training are actually pretty hot. Take care not to over extend, or else you’ll lose all of your Sexual Development!

. . . expect female nudity and male-on-female sexual content.


Yes I recommend this game, though I might wait for sale (given the flaws and playtime). By far the most egregious issues with this game are the censorship and display. Censorship is a total buzzkill for the American audience, and the display is (in my opinion) unacceptable. This game, however is a bit like the flash games of old. A bit of a nostalgia trip for me, though perhaps not as deep as you may like it.

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