Top Platformers with Consensual Sex

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Salubrious Scales

The artwork and visuals are spot-on; unfortunately, the gameplay is simply too underwhelming for me to wholeheartedly recommend this title. However, if you are on the market for a low stress platformer with top notch anthro artwork, Salubrious Scales has got you covered!

DatWombat, review for Salubrious Scales


H-Rescue is swippy-swappy and match-two H-puzzle game, but with substance.

Pledge: Extra credit

Pledge: Extra credit is a lewd visual novel about Melissa and how she balances school and sorority.

Jerking Off In Class Simulator

Jerking Off In Class Simulator is a game about jerkin’ (in secret) during class — no, these things can’t wait until you get home.