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Anime – Space Sniper is a third-person shooter that mostly takes place in space.


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Not applicable.

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One hour.

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Upcoming. . . ?


I was given a free copy of this game from the developer, which surprised me; the last two games I played from Seito Games, Hentai Amazon Girls and The Last Hentai – Miku, I gave scathing reviews for. I figured Anime – Space Sniper was going to be a “high-quality” memeware with meaningful gameplay to set it apart from the rest. Compared to Seito Games‘ other games, I guess it sort of is. As it turns out, shooting guns is a lot more fun than mashing “attack” until the game lets you win.


Dispatch all targets before running out of time (or hit points). No matter what you hit, it’s one-shot-one-kill. However, you have to account for bullet drop, distance, and the fact that enemies will engage you if you get too close (and despite being armed with handguns, still hit with pin-point, deadly precision!) As the difficulty of the game increases, you have to quickly dispatch enemies before they shoot you dead (and because you’re usually timed.) In one level, you’re thrown high-up into the sky, and like a clay pigeon you’ll be destroyed before you hit the ground; you must kill all of your enemies while flinching (from damage), while falling, and while swaying (due to the player character’s “breathing”) and while taking into account bullet drop.

I. . . couldn’t get past this level. It was too hard.

Each level is meant to be completed in a minute or under, but I would have liked to have seen longer missions. My favorite levels took place in the belly of spaceships, in tight corroders. It was satisfying to fight a team of waifus in formation, dropping each member of the squad one by one. Although, It would be nice if the enemies shot less accurately, and if they didn’t stand perfectly still most of the time. You are scored based on the distance your shots travel and where they land, but the scoring system is utterly useless. Levels can’t be revisited, which means even if you cared about an arbitrary high score it won’t be preserved or viewable in anyway. It would be interesting if the score was treated as a currency, allowing you to purchase upgrades. Perhaps, the player could gain new sniper rifles, reduce their sway, or increase their weapons’ fire rate.

It’s no secret that grinding inflates playtime!


There is no story (and I’m not making one up.)


I wasn’t impressed by the titlescreen, but it definitely hammers home the name Anime – Space Sniper. There are no user-preferences to adjust, not even audio — this is unacceptable. Though this game features multiple “levels”, there is no level-select screen. It’s unclear if levels can be redone without restarting the game. I got stuck on the sixteenth level, preventing further progress. The in-game assets are generally pleasant to look at, but clearly premade assets. The city levels are often buggy, and are improperly rigged for collision. When navigating areas you’re not supposed to be (but can easily access due to the lack of clear boundaries), you’ll often phase through objects or float in the air. Speaking of phasing, if you fall off the edge of the map you’ll keep doing so until the timer runs out. Cannon ball!

The Goods

There are no goodies, just the same breasts ‘n booties that are in half the memeware on the market. I suspect that a nude DLC will be sold in the future, though I could be wrong.


I don’t recommend this game, however, I think with a few adjustments Anime – Space Sniper could be an okay memeware (and worth a buy if priced between one and two dollans.) There is meaningful gameplay, and watching anime girls ragdoll is fun (when it works). However, the gameplay is buggy and repetitive, and the game lacks basic features. Compared to most memeware I have played, this game is slightly funner. . . but considering how low the bar is set, that’s really not saying much.

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