Bankrupt Heroines

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Bankrupt Heroines is a lewd 2D-shooter about Suzie and her quest to reclaim her lost boyfriend from rapey monsters.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Two to three hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Collect gold, shoot monsters, and rescue NPCs to unlock new weapons and scenes. The goal of each stage is to collect a predetermined number of gold pieces, which are found by killing enemies or progressing deeper into the level. As you do so, the enemies become stronger, and more numerous. Should you stumble upon any NPCs, you may unlock anything between new equipment and sex-scenes (but mostly the latter.) With gold that you have collected, you may upgrade your weapons at the “Shop”. You’ll need every upgrade you can get, because the final boss is the spongiest of bullet sponges! Also, each enemy has their own unlockable sex-scene, so don’t be afraid to. . . strategically lose.

It’s too bad the grind for money and damage output is unbearable.

Upgrades provide meager boosts, and the cost of them rises exponentially. It doesn’t take long for them to go from hundreds to thousands of gold, and considering most enemies only drop five gold on death. . . well, you can see just how grindy the game is. It’s not particularly hard, but enemies are absolute bullet sponges. It’s possible to increase your gold gains by rushing stages, but that’s less playing the game and more in-line with exploiting. I think reducing the cost of upgrades would be the easier solution. It would be interesting if enemies had a good chance to drop temporary “power-ups”, perhaps granting dramatically enhanced stats or elemental attacks — alternatively, they could be expended once the player reloads.

Speaking of power-ups, there needs to be a tutorial on those colored thingies enemies drop sometimes.


Once upon a time, the Hero Cooperation hired “heroes” from the Hero School to repulse a monster invasion years ago. The monsters carried gold on their persons, which only further fueled the fire which was the Coorperation. The heroes exterminated many species of monsters, though their efforts would come to bite Hero Cooperation in the ass; it was later discovered that the monsters’ flesh had medicinal properties, and due to the heroes’ deadly diligence the Cooperation lost all funding from the Government.

Fast foward to now, and all that’s left is “Captain” and Suzie.

Suzie’s boyfriend has gone missing, and she suspects that a monster has taken him away. She sets off to find her boyfriend, and as she ventures deeper into the monsters’ territory she meets friendly “NPCs” along the way. The most helpful of which Kim Young-Ho, who uses his rapey fingers to “enhance” Suzies stats. The hottest of which being Nuri, a busty, mechanical lady with rapey fingers of her own! Suzie also meets a friendly succubus (named “Soi”) and (who I think is) a comrade hero, Siu, whom teases her for having such a boyfriend that looks like a cute little kid.

Honestly, kind of wish she had a little more screen time!


The titlescreen looks alright, it’s decently formatted. I enjoyed the user-interface, and I found it to be well-made. You can adjust audio, display, and language preferences from the “Settings” menu. CGs can scenes can be viewed from the “CGs” screen, though I found the gallery functionality to be mixed. When viewing animations, they restricted to a small window (and can’t be fullscreened). While I like being able to review story scenes, there is no way to review just the sex-scenes or CGs. Word of advice — don’t kill the final boss before unlocking their respective scene, or you’ll never unlock that scene.

The Goods

There are eleven animations and twenty-eight sex-scenes, all of which viewable from the gallery. The sex-scenes include a variety of base CGs, with lots of variants for undress, progression and climax. Most of them revolve around the main character, Suzie, and the NPCs she encounters. Suzie can’t help but squirt milk out of her breasts at every twist and turn, and she’s got a thing for being drenched in pee-pee milk. As for the animations, there’s monsters, robots, and tentacles eager to breed with Suzie whenever she loses all of her hit-points. I loved the artwork, and the main character is very attractive (though oversized breasts aren’t my thing.) The enemies aren’t as. . . hot, but tentacles are always welcome in my books!


I definitely recommend this game, but it would benefit from a few patches. The grind is real, and gameplay becomes stale very quickly. I’m honestly impressed by the sheer amount of lewd content, which takes some time to unlock. I’d love to see the artist behind Bankrupt Heroines take on new, lewd projects (preferably including lots of milk and tentacles!) Regardless, for the price point Bankrupt Heroines really is a steal, and if you enjoy 2D shooters I think you’ll get a kick out of this game — if you don’t, you can always cheat with the console.

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