Brittany Home Alone

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Brittany Home Alone is a set of interactive sexual scenes centered on a futa-girl.


(Adult) Content?
Futa-on-futa sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Game-play?

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


. . . in a nutshell

Interactive porn with a futa girl. I say futa, because she’s a chick with a dick and a pussy. Futa!

out the shell. . .

You may choose one of ten sexual scenes to subject the protagonist (Brittany) to. When engaging a scene, Brittany has an meter which measures her arousal. As it fills up, she will change her pace and position to reflect her increased arousal. When it caps, you may have the option to bust-a-load. You can bust as many loads as you like, ‘cus Brittany never runs out of the good stuff. To increase her arousal, all you need to do is yank on her genitalia or shake her boobies around. On paper, it’s a great concept. But there is a distinct lack of interactivity. You can’t open her orifices, or reposition her body. I would have liked to have seen more places where you can feel like you are touching Brittany.

And the room is one-hundred-percent for show. I think it would have been awesome to have the interactive options in Brittany’s room, or the ability to change the layout of her room.

Customizing Brittany

Alternatively, you may customize Brittany with a lack luster suite of options. There are a decent selection of clothes to dress her up in, but most of them are fetishy. Much of what she has to wear are glossy, shiny clothes and not so much casual wear. Apparently, Britanny only wears high heels and pants with the crotch cut-out. Don’t get me wrong, I’d wear crotchless pants too, but there’s something delightful about a pair of pushed aside (or pulled-down) pants (or panties). For those of you you like animal ears, socks n’ stockings, Brittany’s got you covered.

Oh, and latex too. Shiny, steamy latex. I hope she has AC.

There are very little options for Brittany’s body. You can’t adjust the size of her breasts or naughty bits. You can make her naughty bits less vascular, or drop the balls. She only has one style of hair, and her skin tone ain’t goin’ no where. On the topic of skin tone, there is little you can do to adjust the colors of apparel or her features. You must select colors from a dinky, preset palette (that is only provided for select garb). Overall, the Customization screen is a welcome choice, but it’s lacking in many areas.

Perhaps in the future, the developers will allow us to customize Brittany’s room.


Brittany’s home alone, and when she’s home alone, it’s time for a fap-fest. Who she lives with is up for debate, but I have a theory. In one of the available sex scenes, another futa named Trinity mounts Brittany. I suspect that Trinity is Brittany’s lover. There is a framed picture near Brittany’s bed, which shows the two ladies bangin’ out. I have a feeling that it was Brittany’s idea, as her home-alone activities suggest that she’s a busty ball o’ lust.


The titlescreen and user interface look good, but aren’t always as informative as they can be. For example, when editing Brittany (from the “Customize” screen), you must choose an area to modify and then fiddle with a set of arrows that appear on-screen. Why not just have the arrows already on-screen, next to each modifier? There are a set of keybindings that will reset the in-game camera and hide the UI. I think that it is a bit silly not to include them on the in-game interface, preventing players from needing to re-enter the main menu to review them.

Now about the in-game models. Holy wowee! They look great, and are probably the game’s main selling point. I have little to complain about. I found many of Brittany’s clothes to be a bit over-glossy (especially her shoes). If you look closely at her bookshelf, you may notice a lot of duplicate books. I doubt anyone else will notice this detail, but details count. I think her bookshelf would have been a great opportunity for the developer(s) to have fun, and perhaps discretely self advertise (themselves or supporters). The developer(s) placed a not-so-subtle advertisement on Brittany’s wall, that’s a total eyesore. If you don’t like her bedroom, well that’s too bad. It’s the only place you can use.

The Goods

There’s ten scenes to choose from, all of them wonderfully animated and somewhat interactive. It’s best to think of this game as a sort of interactive film, where you can reposition the camera and poke the actors a lil’ bit.

. . . expect solo futa and futa-on-futa sexual content. 


Unless you’re pissing money, I advise against this game. This title is a beautiful set of interactive sexy scenes, but the interactivity is lacking and gameplay shallow. You can buy quite a bit more bang for your buck. Perhaps, a fistful of lewd games. Or, for the same price I’d strongly advise you to buy a porn subscription somewhere (which would probably be cheaper too).

. . . but if Futas are your thing, I can’t help you there. I’m sure Google’s got you covered.

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