Chilling in the shade (日陰ですくすく) Review (4/5★)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Chilling in the shade is a lewd kinetic novel available on DLsite.

This game is exclusively available in Japanese — I can’t read Japanese, so my understanding of the game is limited to whatever Google Translate gives me.

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Chapter Two: Gameplay (NA/5★)

Section One: Overview

As a kinetic novel, the only “gameplay” this game has is reading — and playing the next text box.

Section Two: Controls

Chilling in the shade has all controls one should expect from a visual novel.

Chapter Three: Sexual Content (5/5★)

Section One: Content

I didn’t count how many animations are in the game, but I think I saw around ten. All animations and dialogue appear to revolve around television host Onii-san and his guest, young Miyu. The sexual content is vanilla and consensual with implied gangbang sex.

Section Two: Implementation

Sexual content is intermingled with the story.

Section Three: Interactivity

The animations themselves are not interative.

Section Four: Quality

I’m blown away by the animations in this game — they’re incredible! Miyu’s facial expressions are priceless, and climaxes are too good with delicately animated facial and cream pies.

Chapter Four: Story (3/5★)

Section One: Plot

The “story” is kind of out there — I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as Google Translate revealed the events which lead up to the sexy stuff. Onii-san is hosting a television program “about learning about the ecology of mushrooms.” He is joined by Miyu Aizawa, who agrees to “study a lot about mushrooms” and “become a mushroom lover.”

Can you guess what kind of mushrooms Onii-san is talking about?

When Onii-san reveals his “Mushroom-san”, he instructs Miyu to “observe more closely”. What happens next is a erm, tactile lesson which turns Miyu into a mushroom lover!

Section One: Characters

I don’t have much to say about the cast — after all, I had to use a translator (and the length of the game doesn’t give a lot of time for character development).

But from what I can gather, Miyu is just a shameless, gullible child. As for Onii-san, it seems the events which transpire in this story are just another day as a television host.

Chapter Five: Sound (4/5★)

Section One: Soundtrack

There’s only one or two tracks available (but considering the length of this “game” it’s not a big issue). I loved the upbeat music — it’s perfect given the story and characters.

Section Two: Sound Effects

Sex sounds great with a number of loud, sloppy sound effects. I don’t remember any sound effects from the user-interface, but if there was any they didn’t bother me.

Section Three: Voice Acting

If I’m not mistaken, Miyu is fully voiced! As a non-Japanese speaker, I can’t discuss the quality of voice acting, but it was delight listening to little Miyu as I wrestled with Google Translate.

Chapter Six: Visuals (3/5★)

Section One: User-interface

The user-interface has all functions one should expect from a kinetic novel, but it’s graphically dull. I wasn’t found of the faux clock shown at the top-left either — I wish it were toggleable.

Section Two: Graphics

Up until the sexual animations are played, the graphics are poor. The character portraits are comparatively crude with little detail and no expressions to go along with the dialogue.

Granted, anyone purchasing this novel probably isn’t going to spend much time in the introduction; but it’s a matter of professionalism.

Chapter Seven: Verdict (4/5★)

If you enjoy loli content, Chilling in the shade won’t let you down with spectacular animation. It’s hard not to get hard watching Miyu learning the uh, “ecology” of Onni-san’s “mushroom”! If you’re someone that can read Japanese, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the writing.

I liked what I read even though I had to contend with machine-translations!

However, I have to point out this game is maybe twenty minutes of content — Chilling in the shade is top-notch fap material, but it’s nothing to get invested into.

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