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FALL IN LABYRINTH is a lewd RPG about a stowaway who crosses paths with a legendary sword forged to defeat a god among gods (and various women that “help” along the way!)


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Ten to twelve hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from Otaku Plan.


For the purposes of this review, the adult patch is installed. I will not be discussing the unpatched game.

Gameplay (3/5★)

Clear floors of enemies in turn-based combat and play “dress up” with your companions! Each time you defeat a generic baddie, they are transformed into a chest (with randomized loot!) If you defeat a whole floor’s worth of baddies, you’ll unlock a special chest (with better randomized loot!) Every time you revisit a floor, everybody respawns (along with “special chests”). Not only do you rely on the randomized content of chests, but you’ll need to clear each floor many, many times to earn the necessary experience to unlock necessary skills for the late game. Any items you can’t use can be converted into “gold”, which is used to finance various items and services. The amount of gold you need to do anything is exorbitant; from unlocking lewd content to basic supplies, you’ll spend just as much time grinding for gold as experience. A big part of the game is “dressing up” and bonding with your companions. Your choice in cosplay or lingerie will dramatically affect their strengths and weaknesses (and their willingness to fight if they don’t appreciate your uh, “fashion”). What do women have against fighting in bunny suits?

Story (4/5★)

The hero’s name is whatever you set it too. My hero’s name was Dawo, based on my handle “DatWombat”. Dawo’s journey begins in a ship — more specifically, aboard a cargo hold. The ship is attacked by a shadowy herald. He claims the evil god Phalphurdoll and his altar Labyrinthos will “awaken now!!” As Dawo searched for a weapon, he stumbles upon Audragon, a weapon guarded by Aulla. Aulla is the mistress of “the last Sacred Sword created to defeat the Evil God who is planning to descend on earth.” Dawo isn’t Aulla’s first choice as her new master — but she doesn’t have a choice. It takes all of might to save the ship, rendering Audragon a shell of it’s former power. Practically defenseless, Dawo and Aulla will need a lot of help to climb Labyrinthos and ultimately challenge Phalphurdoll himself. He purchases Torte, former paladin and Fano, a former shrine maiden with no recollection of her past. Her god and past are key to understanding Labyrinthos and it’s true purpose.

Visuals (3/5★)

The titlescreen is alright. It looks like a generic fantasy RPG screen; frankly, it’s boring. From “Audio Settings” you may adjust audio preferences. In-game, you may adjust additional audio and visual settings from the “Config” menu. The game is presentable, but it doesn’t set itself apart from other RPGMaker titles. Sprites are shamelessly reused (leading to much disappointment towards the end of the game). Female protagonists and the main antagonist have character portraits. They all look decent, but I was disappointed by the lack of pose variety. The big baddie is such a let down (in terms of visual design) — he’s so lame! The English is okay, but there are numerous typos throughout the game.

The ‘Goods’ (3/5★)

There are a total of ninety-six sex-scenes; Torte and Fano have thirty-five each (plus an extra four counting orgies); and side characters collectively form twenty-two additional scenes. These scenes are comprised of forty base, static CGs (with variations for undress, progression, and climax); Torte and Fano each have eleven (or twelve if you count orgies); and there are fourteen base CGs for side characters. That’s a lot of sex! The sexual content you see is based on your partners’ “fondness” and whatever “Sex Technique Guides” you purchase. Fondness is improved through gifts and orgasms (which are determined by their “Horniness” stat), and “Guides” determine what positions you may unlock. If your partners don’t have a high affinity for the protagonist, you may choose to rape them — if you enjoy raping your allies, you’ll enjoy a selection of detailed scenes describing their pain and humiliation. Nobody has to rape anybody, but it’s the quickest way to progress in the game. Sexual content regarding side characters is typically relegated to side quests and optional content.

On a side note. . . Torte refers to Fano as a “child”, but Aulla claims she is “fully developed”. . . take that with a grain of salt?

How to Install the Adult Patch

Installing the adult patch kind of a bitch — the installer is not in English. Make sure you grab the correct version from Otaku Plan. If you’re an English speaker (like me), you’ll want to select “English” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of Otaku Plan’s “FALL IN LABYRINTH” page. This will refresh the page with links for the English version of the patch. After grabbing the patch, you’ll want to unzip it (anywhere’s fine). As long as you’ve run the game once (from Steam), the installer should automatically detect your installation. After clicking past the first prompt (and ToS if applicable), leave the installer be — don’t click on anything! It needs a minute or two to finish overwriting your unpatched files. When it’s done, there should be a prompt with the letter “F” (for “finish”!) Click on that prompt, and you should be all set!

Verdict (3/5★)

Bleh — wait for updates (and a sale!) I got real sick of this game halfway through. FALL IN LABYRINTH isn’t terrible, but it’s way-a-ay too monotonous. To its credit, FALL IN LABYRINTH remains a challenging RPG to the end. Despite my efforts, I always felt outclassed by my foes. Many bosses can easily one-hit kill party members, and depending on your party’s “agility” can repeatedly attack. By the final boss, my heart was pounding — through some absurd luck Torte dodged a powerful attack that wiped out my party, barely allowing me to finish the game. Until you are sufficiently over-leveled (and packing high-end weapons), everybody is threat. As a lewd game, FALL IN LABYRINTH isn’t great. Adult content costs gold (and lots of it) — if you’re spending gold to unlock sex-scenes, you’re only making the grind so much more miserable. If you make your teammates naked, they’ll suffer enormous penalties. In other words, you’re generally punished for pursuing adult content! If you’re willing to look past its flaws, FALL IN LABYRINTH is an okay dungeon crawler with hours of grinding and storytelling to spare!

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