Femboy Bangers – Pub & Grill (2.5/5★)

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Femboy Bangers – Pub & Grill is a lewd visual novel about dining at Femboy Bangers!


(Adult) Content?
(MxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Twenty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I received a free copy of this game for review purposes — thanks owlyboi!

Gameplay (3/5★)

Read, read, read! There are no choices to make in this game (other than naming the protagonist). In other words, Femboy Bangers – Pub & Grill is a kinetic novel.

Story (2/5★)

There’s a new pub three blocks from where you live, and it’s the talk of town! Femboy Bangers – Pub & Grill offers great food, and great service. I guess you can say. . . the “femboys” of Femboy Bangers are here to bang you!

Wombat Complains about “Story”

The writing is bleh. I didn’t find the characters to be interesting, or the situations to be plausible. I felt like I was reading a very amateur fanfiction about somebody’s “OCs” on Deviant Art. I didn’t like the pacing. The story seems incredibly rushed. . . that’s what happens when you try to cram three relationships into an essay-length visual novel.

Visuals (3/5★)

The titlescreen is nicely arranged, and it’s thematically correct (just not particularly exciting). From “Preferences”, you may adjust audio and display settings. There is no gallery to review CGs, but the game can pretty much be completed in fifteen minutes. The user-interface can be hidden by right-clicking. The game is visually meh. The user-interface is serviceable, but the backgrounds clash with the art style of characters. This game looks low budget.

The ‘Goods’ (3/5★)

There are a few sex-scenes, four if I remember correctly. Each features one base, static CG with a few variations for climax. Though sexual intercourse is described, it is never shown — you only get to see select characters naked. The artwork is decent, but it’s far from professional. Sex-scenes are short-lived and the meh story telling don’t owe to strong character connections.

Verdict (2.5/5★)

owlyboi, you want how much for this game? At two dollars, Femboy Bangers – Pub & Grill is a rip-off. There are only minutes of content with a handful of sex-scenes. Even if the writing was stellar (it’s not), there’s no time to build upon the world or characters. While kinetic visual novels are not necessarily bad, the complete lack of player agency is a cause for concern. Effectively, Femboy Bangers – Pub & Grill is an eBook with a few illustrations. It might be worth picking up for a few quarters, but I’d recommend going online and reading some fanfictions — you’ll get more bang than what Femboy Bangers has to offer.

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