Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality Review (3/5★)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality is a lewd Action-RPG available on Steam.

It took me about seven hours to complete the main storyline after finishing nearly every side quest. It took me about eight hours to unlock every achievement, and I estimate that it’d take about nine hours to complete every possible quest in the game.

To experience the complete game with adult content, the Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality – Adult Only patch must be installed. This article will strictly discuss the patched game.

If you’re interested in full nudity, check out The Secret to Nudity: a nude mod for Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality, a fan-made mod that replaces most “lingerie” with full nudity.

Chapter Two: Gameplay (4/5★)

Section One: Overview

Huuma Mina’s dream of a “normal life” is dashed when her arch nemesis, Arakawa Murasaki forces her from hiding with werewolves and brainwashed rabbit-ninjas — just another day for a jobless and penniless ninja. No matter if she finds herself wrapped in rope or chains, Huuma Mina must out-ninja her opponents with carefully timed blocks, dodges and sick combos.

Of course, Mina doesn’t have to wear any rope or chains. . . but like all woman, her power is directly correlated to the size of her wardrobe (and her wardrobe happens to include shibari!)

Section One: Combat

There are four playstyles to choose from; three of which are designed around BDSM cosmetics, allowing Huuma Mina to employ deadly attacks without free movement of her hands or legs.

For example, Mina’s starting weapon offers rapid, close-quarters crowd control with strong air-attacks. On the other hand, when her legs are tied together she can utilize ranged attacks — or crush her enemies with devastating ground pounds.

I’d pound Mina! Uh, anyways —

Regardless of playstyle, combat is a mix of careful blocking and mashing the attack button; a well timed block will stun the attacker. This mechanic trivialized battles once I figured out the timing, but the current state of balancing would make the game overtly difficult without it.

Enemies tend to attack using long, devastating combos in quick succession. As the game progresses, enemies become outrageously spongy — landing a few hits between combos would make every encounter take ages (they’re bad enough with stuns!) it’s clear the whole combat system was balanced (or rather, warped) around the stun mechanic.

It’s a shame, because the combat would be stronger if enemies didn’t sit still most of the time.

Section Two: Customization

Arguably, “Costumes” are the primary method of progression in this game.

Each owned cosmetic collectively boosts Mina’s stats, including her defense and overall damage output. I like this system because it doesn’t punish players for purchasing cosmetics — nor does it force players into specific outfits for performance reasons.

Unfortunately, character customization is confined to “Breast Size”. It’s not possible to adjust any other part of the body, including her ass or face. But after completing the main questline, new characters become available. Their Costumes may be individually customized.

Section Two: Exploration

There is way too much unused explorable area.

Granted, “Drone Recycling” and “Missing Kitties” take players on a scavenger hunt; but running from drone to drone or kitty to kitty only reaffirms my point by showing players how empty the world is between “A” and “B”. Walking the desolate streets of Abandoned Downtown and running through Secret Path and Abandoned Shelter on repeat were the lowest points of my playthrough.

Making matters worse, there isn’t much variety when revisiting levels. It’s always the same enemies in the same spots; simply mixing up encounters would have made a big difference.

Chapter Three: Sexual Content (2/5★)

Section One: Content

There’s BDSM, femdom and optional toplessness — but no full nudity or sexual content.

Section Two: Integration

All female characters, including the player character lose “DP”, or “Durability Points” when they are damaged. When Durability Points are depleted, their “outfits” will break, revealing equipped lingerie. Characters in lingerie are stunned from damage, allowing them to be attacked in rapid succession without little to no chance to respond. Again, including the player character.

Huuma Mina must interrogate her enemies by “torturing” them with BDSM devices. Nobody talks without first taking a spin in the “Torture Room”! Each character is resistant to one or more devices, especially the ones you start with — therefore, it’s important to work towards unlocking new “Torture Devices” by collecting hidden “Shards” throughout the game.

Unfortunately, “torture” for the player is limited. Throughout the explorable world are assorted BDSM traps where female characters can be caught (including Mina), but you have to play like a jackass to trigger them unintentionally. When Mina is defeated, she is taken as a “battle slave” — but as the name implies, her enslavement has nothing to do with sexual torment.

Section Three: Interactivity

“Interrogation” is just a basic mini-game. The goal is to simply click at timed intervals — it’s not very engaging. When your character is stuck in a torture device, she can only struggle to break free. Enemies will attack Huuma Mina until she is defeated.

Generally speaking, it’s really bad to be stuck in a torture device outside of controlled scenarios.

Section Four: Quality

The BDSM devices themselves are hot, but the acting, animation and interactivity (pretty much everything) leave a lot to be desired. The same animation and sound are played for all characters and devices as Huuma Mina “tortures” her victims.

I was so disappointed when the “Electric Chair” didn’t actually electrocute.

The character models are reasonably attractive as long as you don’t look too closely; the textures are too blurry for intimacy. However, given the pacing of combat it’s unlikely players will see any imperfections outside of “interrogation”.

Chapter Four: Story (3/5★)

Section One: Plot

“I want nothing more than a quiet life. Leave me alone.”

Trouble has a way of finding Huuma Mina, the last of her kind and also the secret to immortality. Since escaping from mad scientist (and cartoonishly evil) Arakawa Murasaki, she’s been stuck in a sewer with no food, no job, and no friends either. No friends except for a “filthy vampire” she keeps suspended from the ceiling in her “Underground Lair” (AKA the Sewer).

I wonder, does she let Kichyou piss herself or does she hold a cup between her legs? These are the thoughts that keep me up at night — with a tissue.

One day, the Ninja Intelligence Agency (NIA) breaks into her lair and steals her filthy vampire. With nothing better to do, Huuma Mina sets off to beat up the leader of NIA. As Huuma tries to live her “normal life”, her past comes back to haunt her; hellbent on capturing the last Huuma, Arakawa Murasaki intends on taking the secret to immoralityeven if it means killing her.

Section One: Character Interactions

Huuma Mina and Kichyou almost have a “frenemy” dynamic, but I suspect the nuances of their relationship may have been lost in translation. On that topic, there are interactions throughout the game that read like they should have been comedy instead of what read like pointless filler.

I get the feeling dialogue in Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality is stronger in its native tongue — although I suppose the same applies to most translations.

Chapter Five: Sound (3/5★)

Section One: Soundtrack

Each explorable area features a single track. The music selection is alright, but it isn’t stylistically consistent. My suspension of belief was broken every time I heard a track that I felt would be more appropriate for another setting or genre.

Section Two: Sound Effects

The sound effects are acceptable. . . I don’t know what else to say.

The only complaints I can think of are overlapping sound effects; when destroying multiple objects at once, their sound effects merge into an awful abomination for my headset. There should be a limit for how many consecutive sound effects can stack on top of each other.

Section Three: Voice Acting

There are no spoken words in the game, but female characters make noise as they fight (or take damage). I enjoyed Huuma Mina’s muffled battle cries as she fought with her weapon in her mouth.

Chapter Six: Visuals (4/5★)

Section One: User-interface

The “Options” menu is well put together; it is designed to accommodate differing PCs and input devices, including keyboard and mouse and gamepads. Although Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality may not look graphically intensive, but fast-paced combat in an open-world with destructible scenery can stress even a mid-tier rig.

The in-game interface is cluttered by active quests — there shouldn’t be more than one active quest displayed on-screen at a time. There’s a reason why most games have some form of “quest log”. Version numbers should stay on the title-screen.

Section Two: Graphics

The graphics are stock, but overall coherent. There were only a handful of assets which took me out of the moment. For example, the “Amano Shrine” features pixelated, low-poly models, and the “Underground Lab” is too sci-fi compared to the otherwise modern aesthetic of the game.

The character models are kind of meh, but the important ones (women) are hot enough. Male characters look dead inside (fortunately they only make a few appearances in the game).

Chapter Seven: Verdict (3/5★)

What a blast! When I wasn’t back tracking for the fiftieth time, I enjoyed dueling ninjas and rescuing kitties. It’s worthwhile noting Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality offers little adult content, even with the Adult Only DLC. Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality is overall mindless and monotonous, but the game is just fun enough to be worth a playthrough. I hope Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality continues to be updated — it’s so close to being good.

Chapter Eight: Recommendations


Add “Costume Presets”. It’d be nice if players could save and reload their favorite Costumes.

Add more ranged attacks for enemies. When enemies are too close together, it’s too easy to stun them all with a single block.

Sexual Content

Add high-poly feet. Painted-on toes are lame.

Add vaginas (or full nudity). I shouldn’t have to add it myself. . .

Add BDSM mechanics. Considering how much BDSM gear is available for the player character to wear, it’s disappointing not to see enemies forcibly lock her down. If Huuma Mina was tied-up during battle, players would be motivated to learn new playstyles.


Add a “full map” screen. Given the size of some levels, I often found myself getting lost.

Remove jiggle physics from outfits with “boob plates”. It’s a little silly to see solid metal jiggle.


Add a few more sound effects for Huuma Mina. She’s literally the main character. . .

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