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Mr Black Jack is a lewd game of Blackjack with visual novel elements about Mister Black Jack and his quest to STRIP THEM ALL!


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One or two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I received a free, prerelease copy of this game from the developers. The product sold on Steam may differ from the copy I reviewed. So we meet again Drunk Robot! I hope this article proves useful for future development!


Play rounds of Strip Black Jack to STRIP THEM ALL! After beating the first characters, Sarah, you may choose between two other characters to challenge; another is planned for a future update. Mr Black Jack features a bare-basic form of Black Jack (which is ideal for beginners). Each player is dealt a hand of two. You may choose to “hit”, gaining a card, or “stand”, keeping your hand. When both players “stand”, they reveal their hands — each card is assigned a value, and whoever has the highest value hand wins. However, if anybody’s hand ever goes over twenty-one, they immediately lose. On the other hand, if anybody pulls a value of twenty-one, they immediately win. With every win, your chosen opponent loses another piece of clothing!

Mr Black Jack is an interesting, albeit flawed game.

To strip your opponent, you must earn two-thousand dollars (via “bets”) I think it’s hilarious that you’re even allowed to bet one dollar. There is virtually no reason to bet with anything less than five-hundred. With every win or lose, you experience back-and-forth dialogue between the main protagonist and his opponents. I loved this idea — but it gets repetitive. There is only one set of dialogue that corresponds with each piece of clothing. It’s not uncommon to experience a chain of wins and losses, resulting in no progress; when this happens, you’re stuck reading the same text again and again. I think it would awesome if there were multiple dialogues tied to each garment, keeping the game interesting even when you lose.

Perhaps, the player could choose between responses between matches!


Mr Black Jack opens with a shocked and appalled Trisha. Sitting across from her is Mister Black Jack, and he has a proposition for her — he wants to play a game of “Strip Black Jack”! She has no interest in risking her skin, but she offers a counter proposal — if Mister Black Jack gets three other women to play with him, and if he strips them all, she will volunteer as his fourth challenger. Black Jack’s quest for Trisha’s snatch begins with a barmaid; but he’ll also have to beat the classy Suki and “black pearl” Kamila before Trisha dares open her legs to him!

I agree with Black Jack — I think Trisha knows she doesn’t stand a chance against him!


From “Settings”, you may adjust audio, display and graphical preferences; I like how the default (and only) “Graphics” option is “Very Low”. The “Replay Gallery” allows you to review sex-scenes (by clicking “Replay”) and “Bonus Scenes” (by clicking the image icons), static CGs that are not seen in-game. The user-interface can be hidden at anytime via the “space” key. Unfortunately, the “Bonus Scene” text cannot be hidden. I spotted numerous spelling errors — Drunk Robot, your crew desperately needs a proofreader/spellchecker! I wasn’t a fan of the dialogue and awkward laughing.

This game utilizes 3D models, much like those of Daz Studio.

I found the models to be somewhat hit or miss. The female characters have great faces, and I can get behind Mister Black Jacks stud bod’. However, the textures are somewhat inconsistent. I observed some stretching between their legs, and Sarah doesn’t have colored nipples. Drunk Robot, if you use Daz Studio, you can apply colored nipples by directly editing Sarah’s textures. . . just don’t forget to save a back up! The characters don’t always look like a part of the environment — I think this mostly has to do with lighting and shading. A few scenes appear grainy, but I didn’t see too many artifacts overall.

Sarah’s body looks like a plastic doll’s — give her areolas some color!

The Goods

There four opponents in the game, but only three of them have sex-scenes; each of them have up three scenes to choose from, which include two or three-frame animations and static CGs. In addition, there are six “bonus scenes” which consist of a single, static CG with an bothersome text-overlay. I wasn’t very impressed by the “animations”; I think they would be dramatically improved with a few extra frames. There are currently five sex-scenes in the game, which include a number of CGs and dialogue. I think the artwork is okay; Mr Black Jack features an attractive female cast, and it offers a few treats for foot fetishists. If you’re like me and really like moneyshots, you’re gonna enjoy exploding!

Drunk Robot, can we have more feets and more goopy stuff?


Wait for updates or a light sale. Mr Black Jack is a competent blend of Black Jack and visual novel gameplay. With a few additions, this could be a decent game; what Mr Black Jack needs is more dialogue, and a few rounds of spellchecking. The story started off “strong”, but after meeting the first playable opponent it abruptly ends. It’s never explained how Mister Black Jack meets his other opponents. It’s a little light on adult-content, but I understand more is planned. If you’re interested in a game of Blackjack with a plot, Mr Black Jack is worth a look!

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